2019 is Disney Biggest Year: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar

2019 is Disney Biggest Year: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar

Disney has been ruling the box office for years. Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm are the major money maker of Disney. 2018 was a good year for Disney. Black Panther, Avengers infinity War, Ant Man And the Wasp  Incredibles 2 brought big number in the box office. A wrinkle in Time and Nutcracker and Four  Realm did not perform well in the box office. Anyway Disney have bigger chance of bringing more bucks in 2019 compared to 2018. Lets look at Disney movies releasing on 2019.

Disney start their campaign in March with the release of Captain Marvel and Dumbo. Captain Marvel is the first solo female marvel Movie. The movie ties directly the Untitled Avengers movie. The movie is expected to bring huge amount of bucks at the box office. Dumbo follows the Captain Marvel at the end of the March. Recently the first trailer for Dumbo was released which got people excited. Dumbo has excellent cast with Colin Farrell, Micheal Keaton, Danny DeVito , Eva Green and others.

Avengers EndGame Kicks up summer releasing on April 26. Avengers EndGame is expected to break many record in the box office. The movie unfolds the cliffhanger from Avengers Infinity War. The plot and title of the movie is still unknown. The first teaser trailer was out of this world. After Avengers EndGame live action Aladdin return to conquer the box office. Recently a teaser was released for the movie. The Guy Ritchie directorial stars Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud and others. You can expect some fireworks in the months of April and May.

Toy Story returns for the fourth and probably the final chapter of the series. The plot of Toy Story is still in the dark. Recently 2 teaser were released but did not give any plot for the movie. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen returns to the franchise. The Toy Story franchise name is enough to bring big bucks at the box office. In the month of July John Favreau’s Live animation The Lion King returns. The musical drama stars Donald Glover, Beyonce, Chiwetel Eijiofor, Seth Rogens, John Oliver and others. The story of the movie is still unknown but we can imagine it will be great. At the month of August Kenneth Branagh return to direct the science fantasy adventure movie with Disney. Artemis Fowl plot and story has still remained in Dark. The movie is going to perform good at the box office.

It’s the princes who are coming back in the month of November. Frozen 2 returns to conquer the animation world. The first frozen movie made more than 1.2 billion dollar at the box office. We can expect the same or even more from the sequel. The plot of the movie is still unknown. Buck and Lee returns to direct the movie. I think it’s safe that the movie will join billion dollar club. Star Wars Episode 9 returns on December. J.J Abraham returns to direct the science fiction movie. The details of the movie have not been released. Recently Star Wars fans are divided. But I have great hope with J.J Abraham. Episode 9 is also expected to make excellent money in the box office.

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