AMC’s The Killing (Season 1 & 2) review

AMC’s The Killing (Season 1 & 2) review

AMC presents you one of the best crime drama. The Killing is one of the best television crime, thriller series .The crime drama starts with the death of Rosie Larson a young girl. The murder of Rosie is investigated by the two detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder. The Larson Family is having the hard life to move forward because of the death of their daughter. The crime drama affects the Political campaign of two mayor contenders. The slow burning crime drama is very addictive and get’s more interesting with each episode moving forward. Each episodes move forward you change the suspect for the murder. Another major strong thing about this show is Darren Richmond played by excellent Billy Champbell. The first season is one of the best crime thriller. The end of season was quiet shocking (Not giving any spoilers away).  The first season does not end with the crime being solved. The second season starts strongly with excellent story telling. Many people find the second season little underwhelming but in my case it was excellent. The second season strongly holds the grip of suspense and thrill ride. The second season further explore the trouble for Larson family because of the shocking turn of events in their life. Further the second season explore the consequences of ending of season 1. You will finally find out the real killer of Rosie Larson. You will be in shocked when you fond out the killer. The killing is one of the best thriller television drama because of the excellent performance from the leading cast, supporting actors and actresses, the intense music and various twist and tale that comes occasionally. The season 1 was released on April 3 2011 and the second season released on April 1 2012. If you want to watch a crime drama series I would definitely recommend The killing.

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