Avengers EndGame: 5 Things to expect from Marvel most anticipated movie

What to expect from Avengers: EndGame second trailer?

Avengers Infinity war was one of the biggest movie in cinema history. The biggest crossover in movie history made more than 2 billion dollar at the box office. The movie was loved and praised by the critics and audience. The cliffhanger of the movie made the comic book movies lover go crazy. The movie have some question left to answer. The first trailer for Avengers EndGame had an emotional strike to our heart. 5 Things to expect from Avengers EndGame

 (Content Spoilers For the Avengers Infinity War)

Position of the Avengers: The catastrophic ending of the avengers infinity war raised various question on the future of Avengers. The captain America has lost his best friend again along with some of his colleges. Tony Stark is stuck on Titan with no one expect Nebula. Tony has lost his friends along with Spider Man who he considers as his Son. What role does Clint Barton plays in the next avengers saga. I wanted to see the position of the Avengers and how the divided one will reconcile.

The state of the World: After the snap half the population have been vanished. The people have lost their friends and family. What would be the position of the world after the snap? I have heard rumors that Avengers EndGame takes place years after Avengers Infinity War. 

Thanos: After the end of Avengers Infinity War Thanos has his goal achieved. He is resting in the farm watching the sunshine. Thanos has nothing to do. So what role does he play in next Avengers Saga?. Is he still the main villain?

Captain Marvel Introduction: The post credit scene clearly indicates that Captain Marvel will play a bigger role in the next avengers saga. Kevin Feige stated that Captain Marvel is the strongest Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So how is she introduced in the new world. Is she the key to stop mad titan?

Snap undone: We all know that the snap will be undone somehow. But we still don’t know how. Is time travel going to happen or does quantum realm comes into play ? Is there gonna be another way? In my opinion One or more than one avengers should sacrifice themselves. Kevin Feige and Russo brothers have stated that there will be heavy consequences. Is Tony Stark or Captain America going to make sacrifice? I think its gonna be Tony Stark because his arc gets completed started with the Iron Man.

The Avengers EndGame is schedule to release on April 26 2019. We can expect some firework at the box office and some emotional moments. The avengers 4 star Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Chris hemsworth, Josh Brolin, Brie Larson and  others.

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