Does Captain Marvel have to be as Successful as Wonder Women?

Does Captain Marvel have to be as Successful as Wonder Women?

Marvel Studio has been making excellent movies for the last 10 years. Marvel have had great success with big blockbuster movies like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The avengers movie. Marvel played a big gamble in 2018 by putting out the first superhero movie with black cast which proved to be a big success. Marvel is releasing their first female superhero movie entitled Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is supposed to the most powerful character in the MCU. Captain Marvel is played by Oscar winning actress Brie Larson. Since Marvel is releasing their fist female solo superhero movie there obviously comes comparison with Wonder Women.

Wonder Women was a huge success commercially and critically. Now every comic book movie fans are eyeing Marvel to bring out their big gun. Wonder Women is more familiar character than Captain Marvel. Wonder Women was introduced in Batman vs Superman before her standalone movie. People got little knowledge about her character. In Captain marvel situation we are seeing her for the first time onscreen. We don’t know what to expect, what type of character she is, what her powers are. This might be the major factor determining the success of Captain Marvel. Another major thing to take into consideration in Comic book. Wonder Women have been much  more popular character than Captain Marvel in the comics as well. Another major phenomena that gave Wonder Women little edge was it was the first Female solo superhero movie.

There is legit chance that Captain marvel exceeds Wonder Women critically and commercially. One of the Major reason is it is a Marvel Movie. Marvel have had a great track record in making excellent movies for the last 10 years. Secondly the hype for Avengers EndGame. People who watched Avengers Infinity War must be familiar with the post credit scene where Nick Fury contacts Captain marvel. Now people have been wondering where captain marvel is, Why didn’t she showed up in New York battle, what is her relationship with Fury, How big of a role does she plays in avengers EndGame? . We all can expect Captain marvel to shatter some box office record.

Captain marvel opens on March 8 2019.

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