Marvel Villains that are actually threatening

Marvel Villains that are actually threatening

MCU have been making excellent movies for the past 10 years. MCU movies have been excellent in quality and thus produces excellent result in the box office also.  We all know that marvel hero have been very popular in the current era. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Black Panther have become quiet famous all around the world. Marvel have had a bit ups and downs with their villain. MCU have produce some exceptional villain while some villain have not lived up to the expectation. Here are my top 5 best MCU villain

 1) Thanos


Marvel have been teasing Thanos since the first avengers movie. For six years thanos was waiting for the right opportunity to gather the infinity stones.  Marvel hit bulls eye for thanos in Avengers Infinity War. Kevin Feige promised that thanos would be the biggest threat to the avengers and to the world. Indeed thanos was. Thanos was not just a typical MCU villain but was a interesting character as well. He is not interested to rule the world but he wants to bring balance in the universe by wiping out half the population. In Avengers Infinity war, In some scene you feel for thanos character because of how good it’s written. In my opinion thanos is not only the best MCU villain but one of the best comic book villain in movie history.

2) Loki


Loki known as god of mischief has been a integral part of MCU since phase 1.  Loki has been favorite villain and character of lot of fans. Loki has been playing both side. Sometimes loki proves to be loyal and does some hero stuff but mostly he has been evil. Loki was fan favorite in first avengers movies. Loki played an integral part in Thor movies. “I am Loki of Asgard and i am burdened with glorious purpose” is one of the best line of Loki. Since the heroic death of Loki in Avengers Infinity War we will still have some question left to be unanswered. Is loki coming back? What role Loki plays in Avengers 4?

3) Erik Kilmonger


N’Jadaka popularly known as Kilmonger is one of the most popular villain of MCU. Micheal B Jordan brought Kilmonger to life giving his best performance. Kilmonger was not just a typical MCU villain but was a significant character in Black Panther who  ad an excellent character arc in Black panther making audience root for him as well. Micheal B Jordan dialogue delivery and movement made the character more intimidating. Many fans consider Kilmonger as one of the best comic book movie villain of all time.

4)  Hela


Hela the goddess of death is one of the best and most prominent villain in MCU. Cate Blanchett plays Hela excellently bringing the depth of the character. Like Kilmonger Hela had a great story arc in Thor Ragnarok. Hela Odin’s first born written to Asgard to reclaim the throne after the death of Odin who imprisoned her to hell seeing her bad intention. Hela want’s to rule Asgard and become the queen. She is very powerful compared to both Loki and Thor. She infamously breaks Thor hammer Mjolnir which was quiet breathtaking.

5) Vulture 


Vulture is one of the best Spider-man movie villain. Marvel knocked it out of the park with the spider-man movie along with the villain in the MCU. Adrain Toomes played by excellent Michael Keaton does an excellent job in portraying the vulture character in more intimidating and interesting way. Keaton does an excellent job in moving the story forward in Spider-man homecoming. Vulture is an trafficker who has a mechanical wings suit made by the Chitauri Technology. He want’s to expand his business through illegal way. Unlike other MCU villain Vulture has an excellent story arc and delivers on various level making him one of the best comic book movie villain.

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