Box Office: Will Aquaman Join the billion dollar club?

Box Office: Will Aquaman Join the billion dollar club?

Aquaman is having a fantastic run at the box office. According to box office mojo the movie has collected 866 million dollar worldwide. The movie has received positive response from the audience and critics. The sixth installment in the DCEU have managed to exceed all the expectation. Despite serious competition at the box office with Marry Poppins and Bumblebee, the movie is marching towards huge result. But Will it be the first DCEU movie to join the billion dollar club?

The last DC movie to gross more than billion dollar the box office was Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises. The previous installment in the DC cinematic universe have had ups and down. The mixed review of Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League hurt DC brand badly. But the success of Wonder Women brought a little light to them. After the failure of Justice League, WB changed the Leadership for DCEU from Berg to Walter Hamada. Before the release on Aquaman, People had a doubt, Will the DCEU brand hurt Aquaman? No, the brand didn’t hurt the movie. Audience are interested to see a good comic book movie whether its from Marvel or DC.

Aquaman Surpassed Venom, Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. The movie is the second highest DCEU movie after Batman vs Superman. The seven million gap will be filled this week by Aquaman. The movie is showing no sign in slowing down. The audience are going out for repetitive viewing. The movie has no big competition until January 18 when Glass Opens. It is performing well in china and international market as well. The movie has a shot in joining the billion dollar club. If not it will miss by just a hair.

The success of Aquaman means a lot to DCEU and WB. The movie has paved a good path for Shazam and Wonder Women 1984. Shazam is schedule to release on April 5 of 2019 whereas Wonder Women 1984 opens on June 6 of 2020. Will Aquaman Join the billion dollar club? Share your thought in the comment section.

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