5 Major Questions Captain Marvel Need to Answer in 2019

'Captain Marvel' Joins the Elite Billion Dollar Club

Captain Marvel is the most anticipated movie of 2019. According to Kevin Feige Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the MCU. The trailer for Captain Marvel teased her story line and her power level . The movie takes place in the 90s. Captain Marvel will play a prominent role in Avengers EndGame and Phase 4. The movie is still two months away from its release date. The trailers for Captain Marvel has been positively received by the audience. Here are some questions that Captain Marvel will address in the movie.

1. Her Absence in various battles  

We all know that Captain Marvel is somewhere out in the world. Captain Marvel didn’t came to help during the battle of New York, Sokovia and even Avengers Infinity War. Where was Captain Marvel in those battle ? Why didn’t she helped Avengers to defeat Thanos? I think we will find out the answer of the question very soon.

2. How did Nick Fury Lose his eye ?

Nick Fury has been the prominent character in the MCU. He has been the one to bring the Avengers together. But we always had one question, How did Nick Fury lose his eye ? It was slightly teased in Winter Soldier that he lost his eye for someone he trust. Is the cat shown in the trailer the reason behind Nick Fury lost eye? Was Skrull responsible for his lost eye ? We will find out his story pretty soon.

3. Are Skrulls still around ?

Many comic book fans are exited for Captain Marvel, because of the involvement of Skrulls. Basically Skrulls are the shape shifters. They can transform into whoever they want. Skrulls are the main villain in Captain Marvel. Does Captain Marvel concludes the story of Skrulls? or Are there Skrulls hiding in the earth taking various form? Many people have speculated that an introduced character in the MCU is Skrull? Who might it be?

  4. What is her power level ?

We have been frequently hearing that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful character in the MCU. Brie Larson reported that Captain Marvel can move planets with her power. We might have head about her powers from various sources but we exactly don’t have the idea of her power. In the comics she has an ability to fly, strong stamina, super human strength, endurance and six sense. We all know that Marvel movies are not completely slaved to Comics. To find out her exact power, we have to wait until March.

5. How big of a role she plays in Avengers EndGame and Phase 4

We all know that Captain Marvel will play a vital role in defeating the mad titan in Avengers EndGame. She will also play a key role in Phase 4 of MCU. How does Captain Marvel gets introduced in Avengers EndGame? Will she be the new leader of Avengers?

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