Marvel Phase 4: Rumors and Prediction

Marvel Phase 4: Rumors and Prediction

Phase 3 has been the most productive Phase for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers EndGame will conclude the story line of Phase 3. Avengers EndGame marks the end of 10 years of cinematic build up. Kevin Feige has clearly stated that the cinematic Universe will take a different turn after Avengers EndGame. Movies in Phase 4 ares till kept hidden. What movies does marvel have in their belt for Phase 4?

The only confirmed movie for Phase 4 has been Spider Man Far From Home. The movie picks up right after the ending of Avengers EndGame. The plot of the movie is still unknown. Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal will be big bad guy in the movie. The movie also features Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Since Spider Man turned to dust in Avengers Infinity War, it will be an interesting thing to how they will Market the movie.

There have been rumors that a solo Black Widow movie is in development. Recently various sources confirmed that Cate Shortland have signed a contract with Marvel to direct Black Widow movie. The movie will be second female lead Marvel superhero movie. The plot and further cast has not been confirmed by Marvel.

After the huge success of Black Panther, we can assume that a sequel is coming. The first movie made more than 1.3 billion dollar at the box office Recently Ryan Coogler Marvel confirmed that he will return to write and direct the movie. The official green light for Black Panther has not been given my Marvel.

After the humongous success of Thor Ragnarok, rumors have floated around that we might get a Thor movie. Chris Hemsworth reveled that he wanted to continue playing the God of thunder. The fans will be pretty excited if they get another Thor movie. The director prediction have been going around, but i think Taika Waititi will return to direct the fourth installment of Thor.

Scott Derrickson, who directed Doctor Strange has secretly finalized a deal with Marvel to to helm the next chapter of Doctor Strange. The official statement has not been released by Marvel. The popularity of Doctor Strange have increased because of his increase in power and coolness in Avengers Infinity War.

Guardian of the Galaxy vol 3 was another confirmed movie in Phase 4. But the firing of James Gunn have delayed the movie. Marvel is looking for director to fill Gunn shoes. Recently rumors came that Trevis Knight might be directing the third Guardian Movie.

Apart from this, Marvel might introduce new characters in the MCU. Eternals, Nova, Adam Warlock and other might be the right candidates. The Disney and Fox merger might change the plan of Kevin Feige. We might get Fantastic Four and X Men introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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