‘Avengers EndGame’: How will Tony and Steve reunite?

'Avengers EndGame': How will Tony and Steve reunite?

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were last working together in Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers EndGame is expected to give a proper reunion to Steve and Tony. Tony and Steve will work together to defeat the mad titan and reverse the snap. Tony Stark is lost in space with Nebula whereas Steve is in earth mourning the loss of his friends. The reunion of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark might be the best part of Avengers EndGame.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are the two prominent character in MCU. The two characters have not only been prominent in the MCU but also been a huge box office booster for MCU. Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans have been wearing the jersey for a long period of time.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have been prominent leaders in MCU. They have fought together and protected the earth. They both want to save the universe but they have different leadership ideas. We saw the glimpse of difference their ideology in Age of Ultron.

Captain America and Tony Stark parted their way further in Captain America Civil War. Tony Stark want Avengers to work under the leadership of government whereas Steve wants Avengers to work on their own. Tony feels guilty for the destruction of life and property during battles and wants Avengers to be checked. Whereas Steve wants Avengers to remain an private organizations.

The main reason behind their Fallout is Bucky Barnes (Steve Rogers best friend). Steve wants to protect Bucky because he was brainwashed by Hydra whereas Tony wants to bring Buck in. The differences led to an emotional and nerve wrecking battle.

We finally knew that Bucky Barnes was involved in killing Tony’s parents. When Tony found out the truth, he could not control his anger. He was further broken when he found out Steve was hiding the truth for him. The final battle in civil war led to both of them parting their way. You could see the pain in Ton’s eye when Steve was leaving him behind.

We could not see the reunion of Tony and Steve in Avengers Infinity War. It was a bold move from Marvel. Two of the best character in Marvel universe were not seen together. The Avengers lost the battle against the mad titan because the Avengers were not together.

There have been rumors that one of them will sacrifice to save the universe. Will Tony Stark sacrifice his life to save Steve Rogers or vice versa? Will the emotional reunion of Tony and Steve last long? Share your thought in comment section.

Avengers EndGame is schedule to release on April 26 2019.

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