‘A Quiet Place’: A masterpiece omitted by Academy

'A Quiet Place': A masterpiece omitted by Academy

A quiet Place was one of the best movie of 2018 which was directed by john krasinski

A Quiet Place was probably the best movie of 2018. The horror masterpiece directed by John Krasinski was a huge success both critically and commercially. The movie was under looked by Academy for awards. Why was the reason? Was A quiet Place not good enough to be nominated?

The movie was not only a masterpiece but it was a significant change in taste of genre. The movie plot revolves around a family who must remain silent to avoid the giant predator. A Quiet place is a horror flick that keeps you on the edge of out seat.

John Krasinski does a fantastic job in making the environment scary along with his bold performance. The flawless direction and his marvelous performance gives the movie a perfect boost. His hard work and skills was under looked by Academy.

Emily Blunt is one of those talents who can roar in any role offered. Her performance in A Quiet Place cannot be described in words. She carried out the whole movie on her own soldier. Without speaking she melted the heart of million of audience. Her phenomenal performance deserved huge was not considered by Academy. If not for quiet place, she should have been nominated for Mary Poppins Returns.

A Quiet Place has been nominated for Best Sound Editing. But the Academy has not been fair with A Quiet Place. The movie deserved to be nominated for Best picture along with Best actress. Black panther was a revolutionary movie but A quiet Place was a better movie than Black Panther.

Do you think A quiet Place was under look at Academy Awards? Do you think Emily Blunt should have been nominated for Best Actress for A Quiet Place or Mary Poppins Returns ?

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