Will ‘Avengers EndGame’ out perform Infinity War at box office?

We are just shy of three months before Avengers EndGame hits theater. The movie is expected to roar at box office and break some records. The highly anticipated marvel flick is expected to end the story line that began with the release of Iron Man in 2008. Will ‘Avengers EndGame’ out perform Infinity War at box office?

Lets break down some viable that may push Avengers EndGame to out perform Avengers Infinity War.

1. The conclusion of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe have been very excellent in producing quality movies. Avengers EndGame is expected to conclude the story line that began with the release of Iron Man in 2008. Either Tony Stark or Steve Rogers is expected to sacrifice themselves to save the universe. Many fans are excited to see their favorite characters biting the dust. We might have to carry tissue before entering the theater.

Every Marvel Sequel tends to make more money that predecessors

Marvel movie sequel are always out grossing the predecessors except Avengers Age of Ultron. Iron Man 2 out grossed Iron Man in the box office. Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man and Guardian of the Galaxy sequel has earned more money that its predecessors. The history tends to point box office result in Avengers EndGame favor.

Boost from Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the first female led Marvel Superhero movie. According to IMDb Captain Marvel is the most anticipated movie of 2019. Some box office analyst predict the movie to open between 140 to 180 million dollar at its opening weekend. The trailers have not been phenomenal but Marvel fans are trusting Kevin Feige. Many parents want to take their little girls to see Captain Marvel. There are many people who are not using social media and excited to see Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel might give a little boost to Avengers EndGame like Black Panther gave to Infinity War.

Cliffhanger of Avengers Infinity War

The ending of Avengers EndGame is the biggest and boldest ending in cinema history. The movie left audience shocked and tearful. Some of our favorite characters turned to dust. The audience are eager to see how the snapping will be undone. What plans do Avengers have to defeat the mad titan?

The odds are in favor of Avengers EndGame. Whether the movie out perform Infinity War or not, it will still be a huge hit. Do you think Avengers EndGame will outperform Avengers Infinity War?

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Avengers Endgame opens on April 26 2019.

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