5 reunion Fans are excited in ‘Avengers EndGame’ beside Tony and Steve

5 reunion Fans are excited in 'Avengers EndGame' beside Tony and Steve

The anticipation around Avengers EndGame is increasing rapidly. Marvel most anticipated movie is expected to conclude the story line that began with the release of Iron Man. The reunion of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is the main patch up audience are excited to see. Beside their emotional reunion, fans are excited to see some other Avengers reunite.

War Machine and Tony Stark

James Rhodes and Tony Stark have been together for a long time. They have fought together side by side. After the catastrophic event of Captain America Civil War,we have not seen them together. In Avengers Infinity War, Tony had to team up with Doctor Strange and Peter Parker whereas Rhodes teamed up with Steve to battle Thanos minions. Tony does not know Rhodes has team up with Steve. It will be a good reunion. Everyone on the earth think Tony is either dead or turned to dust.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker

“Mr Stark, I don’t wanna go” the line that made the whole audience cry. A dying son asking father for help and a helpless father who could do nothing. The relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark has been great in the MCU. Peter consider Tony as his father figure. Tony always wanted Peter to be far from danger. But Peter wants to prove himself capable of becoming an Avengers. It is rumored that the heroes that turned to dust will not remember anything. Will it be a awkward reunion or an emotional?

Rocket and Groot

The members of Guardian of Galaxy has been together since 2014. “We are Groot” is one of the best line in MCU. But after the first Guardian of Galaxy, we have been seeing a young Groot. Groot was one of the member of Guardian who turned to dust. Before turning to dust Groot last word were “I am Groot”. James Gunn reported that the translation of the phrase was Dad. If the phrase had translation in the movie, it would have been more emotional. The reunion between Groot and Rocket is another worthy thing to see in Avengers EndGame.

Tony Stark and Doctor Strange

Tony Stark and Doctor Strange had strong and phenomenal relationship in Avengers Infinity War. The two arrogant characters fought together and worked together against the mad titan. Doctor Strange gave up the time stone to save Tony’s life. But in the end, Doctor Strange was the victim of Thanos snap. Fans are excited to see the two working together to defeat the mad titan.

Avengers EndGame will have some emotional moments in the movie. Who do you want to see reunite in Avengers EndGame apart from mentioned above?

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Avengers EndGame is schedule to release on April 26 2019. Apart from Avengers EndGame, Captain Marvel opens on March 6 2019 and Spider Man Far From Home on July 5 2019.

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