9 Best ‘Avengers: EndGame’ theories that might actually come true

Tony Stark does not need saving in Avengers: EndGame

We are just three month shy of Avengers EndGame. The summer blockbuster is expected to break some box office records along with fans heart. The highly anticipated movie plot is kept in dark. The first trailer of Avengers EndGame gave us the devastating consequences of Infinity War. Kevin Feige stated that the trailer for EndGame will indicate the first 15 to 20 minutes of movie. This gives us enough to speculate and searching for little clues given in previous Marvel movies.

Lets break down some of the theories that have been floating on Internet .

Time Travel

The most surfaced theory for Avengers EndGame is time travel. The remaining Avengers will travel back in time to undo the snap and its catastrophic damage.

Marvel have given is the glimpse of time travel in Doctor Strange. Steven Strange was able to time travel with the help of time stone. Unfortunately the time stone is with mad titan. The leaked set pictured teased us the battle of New York. But how? Will the science bro figure out something?

Quantum Realm plays a key role

We were introduced to Quantum Realm in Ant-Man. We still have not got any sign of time travel power in quantum realm except of the word Time Vortex.

The first trailer for Avengers EndGame gave us the glimpse of Quantum tunnel brought by Scott Lang. Hank Pym had the most knowledge on Quantum realm but he was a victim of Thanos snap. The van was there in Avengers EndGame for a reason but why?

Introduction of New characters

According to Kevin Feige, Avengers EndGame will conclude the story line that began with Iron Man on 2008. We have been introduced to various characters beside Tony, Captain America and Thor. Marvel might capitalize the opportunity to introduce Eternals.

Adam Warlock was suppose to be introduced in Guardian of the Galaxy but firing of Gunn has delayed the movie. In the comics, Warlock plays a vital role in defeating the mad titan. So we might get a little taste of Warlock in EndGame. Since Disney and Fox deal has not gone south, we might have to wait for sometimes before X-men characters start popping up in MCU.

Either Tony or Steve will bite the dust

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have been the heart and soul of Marvel Cinematic Universe. These two characters have been adored by fans. Robert Downey Jr started the cinematic universe in 2008 and Chris Evans followed his path.

They have been able to drag audience on theater because of their unbelievable charisma. “Part of the Journey is the end.” We might have to say goodbye to our favorite character. Either one of them or both will sacrifice themselves to save the universe. They will pass their legacy to new Avengers. We might have to carry a lot of tissues to wipe out tears. It will be an end of an era.

Nebula will play a key role

Another Thing Kevin Feige said was “characters who had less screen time in Avengers Infinity War will have a spotlight in EndGame.” Infinity War set up a strong foundation for Nebula character development. In the comics, Nebula was able to wear the Infinity Gauntlet and restore her power. We might see another strong face off between Nebula and Thanos.

Tony Stark will become the Sorcerer Supreme

Marvel released a behind the scene footage of Avengers Infinity War. In one those shot we saw Tony Stark wearing Doctor Strange costume. It might just have been a gag but fans started speculating Tony as Sorcerer Supreme. In the comics Tony was Sorcerer Supreme during the absence of Doctor Strange. This might be a crazy theory but Marvel might even pull it off.

Loki is alive

The god of mischief might have been tricked by the mad titan but we are not sure if Loki is dead. We have seen him before. There has been a crazy theory that Loki has been transformed into Bruce Banner all the time. The theory does not seem to be quiet appealing but it might be true.

We are getting a Loki television series in Disney streaming service. We don’t know that Loki series will take place after the event of Avengers Infinity war or not. The faith of Loki remains as mischief as his character.

Tony Stark will get a fairy tale ending

Tony Stark has been in the face of death multiple times. He went through space portal to save the earth, got stabbed by Thanos, battled his friend and nearly lost love of his life. Marvel need to give him a little rest.

Rather than killing him, Marvel can give him happy ending. He will be married to Pepper Pots and continue his family. If Marvel want him to come back he will always be there.

Avengers Assemble

The Avengers will all come together to defeat the mad titan. All the characters will use their full force to defeat Thanos. It would be cool to see all the characters in a phenomenal shot with Avengers theme on background.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers will unite.

Avengers Assemble is the most iconic line in Marvel comics. Captain America nearly said it in Age of Ultron. Marvel has been saving the iconic line for the conclusion. Captain America saying Avengers Assemble with other heroes will be a sight to see.

If you have any of your theory, then please share your thought in comment section.

Avengers EndGame is schedule to release on April 26 2019.

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