Breaking down ‘Avengers: EndGame’ Superbowl TV spot

Breaking down 'Avengers: EndGame' Superbowl TV spot

Marvel roared at Superbowl with Avengers EndGame TV spot

Avengers EndGame is the the combination of entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The most anticipated movie of 2019 is expected to shatter some record at the box office. Recently Marvel released a 30 second TV spot for Avengers EndGame. The TV spot does not spoil anything but gives us enough to get excited. The electrifying tease had so many phenomenal shot. Lets break down the marvelous TV spot for Avengers EndGame.

1. Reminding the decimation

The TV spot not only teased for whats about to come but it reminded us the devastating event of Avengers Infinity War. Marvel gave us the glimpse of decimated characters including Wasp, Spider Man, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Nick Fury, Sam Wilson, Vision and Black Panther. The emotional ending of Avengers Infinity War was not only shocking but a bold move from Marvel. It was an excellent marketing movie from Marvel and Disney.

2. State of the World

The fantastic thing Marvel has been continuing is the state of the World after any catastrophic event. The event of Avengers and Age of Ultron was phenomenally addressed in Captain America Civil War. The event of Avengers Infinity War resulted into 50 percent of people being decimated. The TV spot was showed the state of world after the snap. The world is mourning after losing their friends and family.

3. Sharing of Pain

Many people lost their friends and Family during the snap. The world is mourning for the loss and people are depressed. Marvel does a fantastic job bringing the reality in comic book movies. Various groups are established in order to share their pain and loss. We have seen these types of groups in Marvel Netflix show Punisher . We see another phenomenal shot of Captain America being part of those group.

4. Nebula and Tony Stark are working together

In the end of Avengers Infinity War, we saw Tony Stark and Nebula stuck in titan. In the first trailer of Avengers EndGame, we saw Tony recording a good bye message to Pepper. The gorgeous shot of Nebula and Tony working together was a standout of the TV spot. Tony and Nebula are figuring out a way to get off titan. The two brilliant engineer might be BFF in EndGame.

5. Someone is coming

This is another gorgeous shot of Avengers EndGame TV spot. We got to see Captain America, Banner, Black Widow and Rhodey together. The Avengers are looking for something that is coming towards them. We might predict it might be Captain Marvel or Tony Stark. It might be Thanos or someone who is threat to the world but the Avengers don’t look worried. Whoever is coming, lets hope its helpful for Avengers.

6. Scott and Rhodey team up

According to Kevin Feige, those Avengers who got less screen time in Infinity War will get spotlight in EndGame. Ant Man will play key role in Avengers EndGame. Its good to see Ant Man back in Avengers facility. The helmet closing shot of Ant Man and Rhodey was very cool. Its good to see Ant Man working together with other Avengers.

7. Captain America back with his shield

Captain America has been the soul of MCU for a long period of time. Captain America had very less screen time in Avengers Infinity War. Russo Brothers promised that Steve will play a key role in Avengers EndGame. Steve Rogers gave up his classic shield in Captain America Civil War. Its good to see Captain America with his classic shield. The TV spot showed Cap trembling while trying to carry shield.

8. Avengers Assemble

Avengers Infinity War ended badly for Avengers. They lost their most important battle. They could not prevent the world from being decimated. The Avengers lots but they are not giving up. They still have faith and they are trying their best to reverse the snap. The shot is gorgeous, not only because of Avengers seen together with the lightning is also excellent.

The TV spot for Avengers EndGame was short and sweet. The trailer didn’t give any spoilers as promised by Kevin Feige. The hype around this movie has been excellent. The finale to Marvel Cinematic Universe will bring back the original Avengers to reverse the snap.

Avengers EndGame is schedule to release on April 26 2019.

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