Avengers EndGame: The world is far away from being paradise

Why Avengers: EndGame will scatter all expectation?

Avengers EndGame deals with the aftermath of Avengers Infinity War.

‘The universe is finite. Its resources are finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correction.’ Thanos (Avengers Infinity War) Thanos wiped out half the population to balance the universe in Avengers Infinity War. He wants the world to become a paradise. Avengers EndGame will deal with the aftermath of Avengers Infinity War. The world is in chaos.

After Thanos snapped his finger, half of the people turned to dust. People lost their family, friends and loved ones. The world is full of sorrow and pain. People are participating in focus group and sharing their loses and mourning.

Yes, Thanos might have balanced the population with resources but at what cost? The world does not agree with intention and his dreadful act. Avengers Endgame will try to restore the dusting caused by Thanos snap.

Apart from citizens Avengers lost their friends, brother, family and son. A father had to see and feel the death of his son in his own arm. You can imagine the pain and guilt of Tony Stark. The PTSD he is going to have after the catastrophic event is unimaginable.

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were friends in both school yard and battle field. Steve connected with his friend after a long time. He fought with the world to save Bucky and reconnect with him. Steve had to see his best friend turn to dust. The protector of world was unable to defend his best friend.

Before the snap, Thor had to witness his brother brutally killed, best friend stabbed through heart and half of his people slaughtered. After the snap he lost the half of his people from the remaining ones. The god of thunder was unable to protect his citizens.

Clint Barton was absent in Avengers Infinity War. He retired in order to spend quality time with his family. Assuming on the basis of first EndGame trailer we can speculate that his family members were also the victim of snap. He was darkened by the grief and pain.

The people of Wakanda lost their respectful and fearless leader. Apart from this characters we don’t know the faith of some characters including Luis, Cassey Lang, Christine, Pepper Pots, Wong and others.

The Avengers are the last hope to undo the snap and save the universe. Some Avengers will have to sacrifice themselves to save the universe. Will Tony and Steve sacrifice themselves to save the world?

Avengers EndGame will be released on April 26 2019. Apart from Avengers EndGame, Captain Marvel is schedule to release on March 8 2019 and Spider Man Far from Home on July 5 2019.

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