Why Captain America Civil War is the most prominent Marvel movie?

Why Captain America Civil War is the most prominent Marvel movie?

Superheroes protect the world from extra terrestrial threats and human threats. The Avengers have protected the world and fought for human welfare. The world owes an unpayable debt to Avengers but some action of Avengers have brought catastrophic consequences. Captain America Civil War deals with the consequences of Avengers on various battlefield and how the world view the Avengers. In moving the story forward, Civil War might be the most important movie for Marvel.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are the two leaders of MCU. They view the world on different prospective. Tony Stark want Avengers to be part of government whereas Steve Rogers want Avengers to be a private organization. Tony Stark is full of guilt whereas Steve Rogers does not trust the government after the event of Winter Soldier.

The Tony Stark character has evolved since Iron Man in 2008. From being a arrogant jerk to being a responsible father and superhero. Tony Stark wants Avengers to accept the destruction they caused during various Avengers battle. Tony Stark is scattered emotional because of his breakup with Pepper Pots. The emotion that Robert Downey Jr brought to the table was phenomenal.

Steve Rogers have been in the battlefield for more that 70 years. From being a government worker to being a fugitive to government Captain America has been through a lot. Captain America wants to protect his friend Bucky who was brainwashed by Hydra. Chris Evans not only brought extra ordinary charisma but also emotional stakes.

When Stark found out that his Family was killed by Bucky (Captain America best friend) he was emotional scattered. He was more angry at Steve Rogers for not telling the truth about his family. Tony and Steve parted their own way after the final battle of Civil War.

According to Russo brothers, Captain America Civil War is the most important movie for them. The Avengers has just become a name with nobody on it. The world in vulnerable. Civil War sets up a perfect story for Avengers Infinity War and beyond.

Captain America is hiding from the government whereas Tony Stark has rebuild his relationship with Pepper Pots. Stark is doing everything in his power to keep the earth safe. Tony Stark is a futurist who realizes that a bigger threat is coming.

Avengers infinity war is the combination of entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie brought together all the characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe to battle the mad titan.

There is a great scene in the movie where, Banner ask Tony to call Steve Rogers. Tony could not call Steve because he feels betrayed and anger has consumed him. We were unlucky not to see Captain America and Iron Man together in the movie.

Marvel is hyping up the reunion of Steve and Tony in Avengers EndGame. Many fans are creating theories how Tony and Steve will reunite. Marvel is showing their brilliance in marketing.

How will Tony and Steve reunite in Avengers EndGame?

Captain America paved a perfect path for Avengers Infinity War and Avengers EndGame. The movie not only covers the consequences of Avengers act but deals with the human emotional of superheroes.

Do you agree Captain America Civil War is the most important movie for Marvel?

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