Avengers EndGame: Tony Stark deserves a peaceful ending

Avengers EndGame: Tony Stark deserves a peaceful ending

Avengers EndGame is conclusion of story line that began with the release of Iron Man on 2008. EndGame marks the 21st movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr has been a key player for Marvel for the past decade. He has created his own legacy with Tony Stark character. Tony Stark has been a vital character of MCU both story wise and box office wise. The world owes Tony Stark an unpayable debt. Tony stark has been through a lot throughout various movies. There have been rumors that Tony Stark will sacrifice himself to save the universe in Avengers EndGame. Is Marvel ready to take that bog of a gamble? Will Marvel finally give Tony Stark the rest he desperately need?

The Story of Tony Stark began with the release of Iron Man on 2008. The movie not only launched Marvel Cinematic Universe but saved the career of Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark was rich, genius and arrogant playboy. He was kidnapped by terrorist to make weapons. While he was kept hostage by the terrorist, he realized his life was not only enjoyment and weapon manufacture. Tony Stark built a suit in a save with the help of Yinsen. He escaped from terrorist and realized he was alive for a reason. From that day Tony Stark is living his life saving the world from various threats with the help of Avengers.

Tony Stark has come close to dying in several movies. In the first Avengers, Tony Stark was willing to sacrifice himself to save New York. The heroic act of Tony Stark will always be remembered by the world. Iron Man 3 dealt with the PTSD caused by the event of the Avengers. Tony Stark house was destroyed, separated from Pepper Pots and left alone in Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark created Ultron to save the universe with the help of Bruce Banner. But Ulton turned out to be a destructive robot who is planning to destroy the world. The world blamed Tony Stark for creating Ultron and death and destruction of Sokovia. The event of Age of Ultron made Tony Stark realize the consequences of Avengers in different battle.

Tony Stark wanted Avengers to be responsible for the death and destruction they caused in different battles. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have parted their way because of their different ideology. Tony Stark found out his parents were killed by Steve Rogers best friend. Tony Stark was more angry at Steve Rogers for not telling the truth. He was emotionally broke when Steve Rogers nearly killed him.

Spider Man Homecoming established a father and son relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Tony Stark wants Peter Parker to be better than him. The dynamic relationship between Stark and Peter Parker is further explored in Avengers Infinity War.

In Avengers Infinity Tony Stark was nearly killed by Thanos. He had to see Peter Parked die in his arm. He is left alone at Titan with no backup, food, water and oxygen. In the first EndGame trailer, we see Tony Stark stuck in the space dying. He is recording the goodbye message to Pepper Pots.

We all know that Tony Stark will be rescued in Avengers EndGame. It will be interesting to see how Tony and Steve will reunite. Tony Stark has suffered a lot. Fans are starting to speculate that he will sacrifice himself to save the universe. I personally wish Tony Stark will retire and have a family with Pepper Pots.

Avengers EndGame opens on April 26 2019.

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