3 characters who could make surprise appearance in Captain Marvel

3 characters who could make surprise appearance in Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is already smashing record at the box office with phenomenal presale tickets. The early reaction from the critics for Captain Marvel has been mostly positive. Marvel and Kevin Feige are pretty confident for Captain Marvel success. The movie is expected to gross 100-120 million dollar at its opening weekend. Marvel movies are known for some secretive cameo and surprises. We expect some characters to make surprise appearance in Captain Marvel.

1. Thanos

Thanos was the most prominent character of Avengers Infinity War. He was able to fulfill his mission and wipe out half the population. Thanos is the comic giant. He was living in some place in space after titan was destroyed. There is a legit chance that Thanos might make an surprise appearance. The audience will be screaming seeing the mad titan again.

2. Winter Soldier

Captain America and Bucky Barnes were best friend in both schoolyard and battlefield. Bucky Barnes was presumably dead in the battle during the event of Captain America: The first Avengers. We later found out that he was taken by Hydra and mind controlled. The hydra controlled his mind and used him for various mission in the 90s and further.There is a legit chance we see Bucky in a brief cameo.

3. Howard Stark

Howard Stark was the founding member of SHIELD. The father of Tony Stark was killed by Bucky Barnes in December 16 1991. Before that he was the vital member of SHIELD. Nick Fury have mentioned SHIELD in one of Captain Marvel trailer. We might get a glimpse of Howard Stark at the SHIELD facility.

Apart from those characters, Peggy Carter, Young Tony Stark, Red Skull, Ancient One, Doctor Strange could make surprise appearance. Marvel is hiding a big surprise from audience for Captain Marvel. Personally I hope the surprise is as good as Red Skull in Avengers Infinity War.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8 2019.

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