Can Captain Marvel Join the billion dollar club?

Can Captain Marvel Join the billion dollar club?

Captain Marvel is the first female led Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that is set to hit theaters on International Women Day. The exiting roster created by Marvel is getting an addition boost from Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is expected to make her debut in Marvel Universe with a bang. Marvel is on a roll with continuous critical and commercial of their movies. Captain Marvel is expected to follow the excellent run of Infinity War and Black Panther. Can Captain Marvel join the billion dollar club and create history?

The Marvel brand is enough to attract audience to the theaters. If someone would have said Doctor Strange is going to make more money then Justice League 5 years ago than i would have made fun of him/her. But the situation have changed. The world trust Kevin Feige and Marvel Studio for producing qualitative movies. We can expect Captain Marvel to continue the excellent streak of Marvel movies. The push from Marvel brand can help Captain Marvel gross a billion dollar at the box office.

Captain Marvel is not only a superhero movie, its a representation of strong female individual. We have seen the hype for Captain Marvel on social media. Apart from Social media, there are parents who want to take their daughters to see Carol Danvers in action.

Captain Marvel is releasing between Avengers Infinity War and Avengers EndGame. The post credit scene of Infinity war created more buzz for Captain Marvel. Feige repeatedly saying Carol Danvers will be the most powerful character in the MCU and play a significant role in Avengers EndGame might increase the box office of Captain Marvel.

The positive response from the critics is always a good sign for any movie. Captain Marvel has received excellent review from the critics and people who got the chance to see the movie. The word of mouth might be a boost for Captain Marvel to gross over billion dollar at the box office. The movie does not have any strong competition for couple of weeks.

There is a legit chance that Captain Marvel might join the billion dollar club. But there are some factors that affect the box office of Captain Marvel. We just have to wait and see how the box office results turns out.

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