Captain Marvel review: A Perfect love letter to children and women

Captain Marvel review: A Perfect love letter to children and women

It took nearly 11 years for Marvel to release its first Female led movie. Bringing Captain Marvel on screen was Feige long dream. The first review for Captain Marvel are in and most of them are loving the movie. The movies is expected to boost the box office of 2019. Captain Marvel is headed for a massive 125+ million opening weekend. How far can Captain Marvel review take its box office for long run?

Captain Marvel is the action flick that takes audience back to 90s. The space adventure female led superhero movie gives women an empowering message. Carol Danvers is an stubborn 90s kid who gets back up despite falling for several times. The movie connects lots of dots left by previous marvel movies. The chemistry between Carol Danvers and Nick Fury is just out of this world. We got a little glimpse of Nick Fury origin and Avengers origin.

Brie Larson gives a splendid performance as Carol Danvers. The relationship between Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch is the highlight of Captain Marvel. There are some scene where you felt Brie Larson was not at her best. I don’t know its director choice or Brie Larson’s inexperience in working CGI heavy movie. In the emotional moment Brie Larson gets you on the edge of your seat.

Captain Marvel review: A Perfect love letter to children and women

Ben Mendelsohn is just tremendous as Talos. Going into Captain Marvel I thought he would be a regular MCU villain but he knocks it out of the park. He was one of the standout of the movie along with Goose. Goose was probably the best part of the movie. The dynamic duo of Nick Fury and Goose were excellent movie. There are some twist that you never see coming. The Stan Lee tribute in the beginning was tearing up some audience in my theaters. Please do not leave your seat before credit scene.

Captain Marvel is an inspirational movie for women and children. Children are dressed up as Captain Marvel on many places. Marvel finally gave a perfect love letter to women and children.

Despite being a wonderful movie, there are some flaws. The inexperience of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck was clearly felt in the movie. Some action sequence were not great compared to others. Brie Larson was not on her best in some places. But as Hemsworth and Evans improved gradually, you can expect Brie Larson to follow their shoes.

Overall Captain Marvel is a wonderful addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is pure fun, action packed, emotional and ground breaking. The movie gets you hyped for Avengers EndGame and further.

Lets look at some of the critics reaction for Captain Marvel.

According to empireonline “As a Nick Fury buddy comedy, it’s fun. As a feminist fable it’s essential. This takes a while to really get going, but when Carol Danvers takes off she is unstoppable.”

According to IGN ” Carol Danvers’ debut puts a fresh spin on Marvel’s Phase One origin story formula. “

According to cnet “Captain Marvel a soaring tale of self-discovery with a ’90s riff: The first female-led Marvel movie subverts superhero tropes in the best possible way. “

According to BBC ” Brie Larson plays the first female superhero to carry a Marvel film. But “this is not the woman’s empowerment story the orchestrated hype claims,”

Captain Marvel review: A Perfect love letter to children and women

The review for Captain Marvel has been mostly positive. Captain Marvel is expected to open with 125-145 million dollar at its opening weekend in North America and 175 million dollar at international territory. The movie is expected to gross 100 million dollar at its opening weekend in china alone. Captain Marvel is going to be huge box office hit. I predict the movie to land between 700 – 900 million dollar worldwide. If the movie has good legs it can even crawl to the billion dollar mark.

There were some controversy surrounding Captain Marvel and Brie Larson. But the excellent review and big opening weekend projection might have silenced some people.

Captain Marvel is another big win for Marvel. The phenomenal streak of Marvel is unbreakable. Feige have clearly said Captain Marvel will play a big role in Avengers EndGame. Fans won’t have to wait for a long time to see Carol back in action.

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