Captain Marvel roars at the box office with 455 million worldwide

Captain Marvel roars at the box office with 455 million worldwide

There was no doubt that Captain Marvel was going to make huge money at the box office. Captain Marvel has opened with gigantic 455 million dollar worldwide. The phenomenal success of Marvel Cinematic Universe continues. The first female led Superhero movie opened to 153 million at its opening weekend in North America. It is the third biggest opening in the month of March.

Captain Marvel box office just proved that Audience are hungry for more female led superhero movie. The phenomenal box office of Captain Marvel has shattered all the expectation and given a powerful message to the world. Captain Marvel opened with humongous 302 million on international market. China the second biggest movie market brought whooping 89.3 million opening weekend.

Captain Marvel is the seventh biggest opening weekend for Marvel Studio behind The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, Captain America Civil War, Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War. Captain Marvel is the second highest grossing origin movie for Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Captain Marvel review)

Captain Marvel has mostly received positive review from the critics as well as the audience. The movie currently stands on 79 % on rotten tomato and A Cinema score. The movie is connecting specifically with the female audience. The movie has opened 51% higher than DC,s Wonder Women.

The hype around this movie has been phenomenal. Carol Danvers was first teased in the end of Avengers Infinity War. Feige has clearly stated that Captain Marvel is the most powerful character ever introduced in MCU and will play a key role in Avengers EndGame.

The huge box office for Captain Marvel also proves that the Trolls could not sabotage the movie. The regular movie goers are just hungry for qualitative movies. We just have to wait and see how good legs does the movie have. If the movie continues to perform excellent at the box office it might hit the billion dollar mark.

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