Why Avengers: EndGame will exceed all expectation?

Why Avengers: EndGame will exceed all expectation?

With Captain Marvel playing in the theaters, Fans are already buzzing about Avengers EndGame. Probably the most anticipated movie of 2019, Avengers Endgame is the conclusive ending of story line that began with Iron Man in 2008. Avengers EndGame not only deals with the consequences of Thanos snap but also emotional weight riding in Avengers soldier. Avengers EndGame is headed to become one of the best , heartbreaking and satisfying movie in MCU.

Thanos decimated half the population to make earth a paradise. But the world remains lost, hell and desperate. People are missing their friends, family and loved ones. The world is in chaos. Avengers EndGame also focus on the chaotic part of the world after decimation. The Superbowl trailer gave us the glimpse on aftermath of decimation. We can assume that Russo brothers have more in store for us.

The thing that made Avengers Infinity War memorable in Thanos won. Thanos was able to collect all six infinity stone and destroy half the population. The Avengers barely stood a chance against the mad titan. Thanos was willing to deal with any consequences that stood on his way to save the universe. The Avengers are toast and scattered. When the Avengers beat the mad titan, it will be the most satisfying ending in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why Avengers: EndGame will scatter all expectation?

Avengers EndGame will probably be the last movie for Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor Odinson. Marvel has been little shy in killing those three pillars of MCU. The biggest gasp in theater while watching Infinity War was when Tony was stabbed by Thanos. Many fans thought it was the last act of Tony Stark but Marvel was not willing to let go of RDJ so easily. The story arc for Tony And Steve has been completed. It will be an interesting thing to see which character will bite the dust. The future of Chris Hemsworth as Thor is still uncertain. The character popularity has sky rocketed after Ragnarok and Infinity war. If Tony or Steve dies in EndGame that it will be interesting to see who will drive the steering on MCU and how MCU runs without their heart and soul.

The Phase 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been disclosed by Kevin Feige. We can expect a little tease of story line for Phase 4 in Avengers EndGame. Some character will return from the dusting for their upcoming movies. It will be interesting to see how the future of MCU shapes after Avengers EndGame.

Captain Marvel will bring some new audience in Avengers EndGame and further. Since Captain Marvel plays a big role in Avengers EndGame, the box office will be boosted (Captain Marvel review). The movie might be the biggest movie of all time. The audience are waiting desperately for Avengers EndGame and we hope it will be the most memorable movie of all time.

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