What role will Hawkeye play in Avengers: EndGame?

What role will Hawkeye play in Avengers: EndGame?

Avengers EndGame is just shy of one month from its release date. The conclusive ending to infinity saga will mark the return of Clint Barton back in Avengers facility. Hawkeye was on house arrest during the event of Avengers Infinity War. The Russo Brothers have clarified that EndGame will focus on original six Avengers which includes Clint Barton. The role of Hawkeye in Avengers EndGame is still unknown.

The absent of Hawkeye was clearly felt in Avengers Infinity War. The Avengers lost against the mad titan madly. The world lost half of its population and the world is in chaos. Clint Barton was present in The Avengers and Age of Ultron where Avengers were able to defend the world from alien and evil robots. But when Hawkeye was absent the Avengers lost the battle. It might just be a coincidence but Hawkeye has been integral part of Avengers.

We can safely assume that Hawkeye’s family turned to dust. The trailer clearly gives us Hawkeye pretty much lost and broken. He gave up his Hawkeye persona and transformed himself into Ronin. The look on his face clearly shows his rage on Thanos. The world is dark for Clint Barton. The second trailer for Avengers EndGame clearly gave us Clint Barton back in action. The trailer for Avengers EndGame gives us further establishment of relationship between Hawkeye and Black Widow. Natasha is comforting Clint on the loss on his family.

I think Hawkeye will play a similar role as he played in The Avengers. He will be heavily featured but will not play huge role in EndGame compared to Tony and Steve. I don’t think he will be the one to kill the mad titan but will heavily feature in the final battle.

Marvel has started ramping up the marketing campaign for Avengers EndGame. The movie is expected to scatter some records at the box office. Just wait until April 26 to find out the role of Hawkeye in Avengers EndGame and beyond.

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