Shazam! Positive review is a good sign for its box office

Shazam! Positive review is a good sign for its box office

The success of Aquaman was game changing for DCEU. The hit and miss of DCEU was bothering Warner Brothers very much. But with the critical and commercial success of Aquaman has given WB a big relief. Shazam and Wonder Women 1984 are the two movies DCEU have in their belt. With Shazam release date very close, WB will be hoping to continue the phenomenal streak set by Aquaman. The review for Shazam has been immensely positive and the buzz around this movie has been great. It will be interesting to see how much it will bring at the box office.

Shazam has not been introduced in DCEU before. Looking at the box office history origin comic book movie tends to perform comparatively lower than sequel or team up movies (Except for Captain Marvel). The success of Aquaman was mainly because of audience were connected to the character in previous movies. Shazam does not have that advantage of being introduced in the previous installment of DC saga.

The trailer for Shazam has been positively received by the audience. Many DC fans are liking the change of tone in the movie. The positive review for Shazam might be a big box office booster. Shazam has been praised for its humor, relationship between Billy and Freddy and fight sequences. Currently the movie stands at 95 % on rotten tomatoes. Even with phenomenal review and buzz Shazam will have a hard time beating Aquaman at the box office. But anything can happen.

If Shazam opens big and continue to dominate at the box office, DCEU can help their head high. Shazam releases in theater on April 5 which is three weeks early from Avengers EndGame. The movie opens along side Stephen King Pet Sematary which is projected to open with 45 to 50 million dollar. We just have to wait and see how Shazam performs at the box office.

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