Will Avengers EndGame 3 hour run time affect its box office?

Will Avengers EndGame 3 hour run time affect its box office?

Avengers EndGame is the highly anticipated blockbuster movie of 2019. The finale to infinity saga is reportedly being locked at three hours two minutes. If the movie clocks around three hours, it will be the longest installment in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There had been speculation that Avengers EndGame will be near three hours. Feige made very clear that the movie will be as long as the story needs. The Avengers have to deal with the aftermath of decimation and try to reverse the snap. It will be interesting to see how story folds moving forward in Avengers EndGame.

The anticipation around this movie is skyrocket. The movie is expected break some records at the box office. The first and second trailer for Avengers EndGame are the most viewed movie movie trailer of all time. The marketing for this movie has been exceptional. The plot of the movie is still kept in the dark. The audience are hungry to see how the Avengers will reverse the snap and defeat the mad titan.

The run time for Avengers Infinity War was 2 hours 29 minutes. The movie brought 257 million dollar on its opening weekend. The movie theaters were playing Infinity War on all theaters. If Avengers EndGame clocks around three hours, the movie might get less screening than Avengers Infinity War. If the movie gets less screening, the box office will be adversely affected. There are Marvel geeks who will rush to the theaters without looking at the run time but there will be some movie goers who won’t be on board to see three hour movie.

Avengers EndGame is a movie that you have to see in its opening weekend. The movie will be full of spoilers, so Marvel fans will rush to see in its opening weekend. The early tracking for Avengers EndGame box office is ticking around 250 to 280 million dollar. The strong box office result for Captain Marvel might provide huge boost for Avengers EndGame. The movie is going to be wall breaking but the long run time might affect its total box office.

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