Tony Stark does not need saving in Avengers: EndGame

Tony Stark does not need saving in Avengers: EndGame

The highly Anticipated Avengers EndGame will be the conclusive ending of infinity saga. The world is desperately waiting for EndGame to release in the theaters. The marketing campaign for Avengers EndGame has started and expected to pick up pace very soon. Marvel has officially released two full length trailer for Avengers EndGame. The trailer for Avengers EndGame have indicated Tony Stark stuck in the space desperately needing saving. Some Fans are predicting Captain Marvel or Thor or Pepper Pots will rescue Tony Stark from space. But deep down i feel the genius does not need saving.

Tony Stark started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first Iron Man movie success paved a long path for MCU. Tony Stark was able to create a suit in a cave with pieces of metals and get himself rescued. The battle of New York, battle of Sokovia and his destruction of house in Iron Man 3 are some phases where he was near his deathbed. But somehow he was able to break the chain of death and get out.

Tony Stark is stuck in Space with Nebula. The two characters can figure out a way to return to earth. In the TV spot released in Super bowl we saw them working together. Tony Stark could use Milano or Nebula ship to get back to earth.

The second trailer for Avengers EndGame indicated Tony Stark being back in the Avengers facility. Russo Brothers might be misleading the fans. We have seen footage from trailers that were never in the movie.

Tony Stark was nearly killed by Thanos in titan. The great Tony Stark had to see his friends and allies turned to dust. He has been stuck in space with Nebula. The world is very cold and dark for Tony Stark. He was unable to protect his friends and loved ones. The condition of Tony Stark in the first trailer of Avengers EndGame is miserable. We see Tony Stark recording final message to Pepper Pots. The trailer also revels Tony Stark is going to out of food and water in near future. Fans are desperately wanting Tony Stark to be rescued.

Tony Stark desperately needs saving in Avengers EndGame. But i think Tony himself will be the one to figure out something and get back to earth.

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