Avengers EndGame Advance tickets sale crashed websites

Avengers EndGame Advance tickets sale crashed websites

The tickets for Avengers EndGame have gone on sell. The highly anticipated Marvel movie is expected to bring huge box office result. The movie has strong buzz and out of this world hype. The fans are desperately trying to buy tickets for Endgame for opening weekend but the site has been crashed because of the huge traffic. The huge theaters company like AMC and even Fandango is facing problem because of huge pile of traffic.

As soon as the trailer dropped, Avengers EndGame was trending number one on twitter. The fans were losing their mind and sharing the moment of joy with their friends and family.

The tickets for Avengers Endgame went on sell after Marvel released a full minute long footage addressing as Special look. The special look gave us tones of new footage along with some spoilers. The reunion of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, Pepper Pots and Tony are some of the major highlight of Avengers EndGame footage.

We finally got to see mad titan in EndGame marketing. The Russo’s were hiding Thanos for a long time. The last shot of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor walking towards Thanos was the biggest gasping moment in the special look.

With each trailer and new footage the hype for Avengers EndGame have increased. The finale to Infinity saga will be heart breaking, thrilling and exciting ride. The movie deals with the after math of Thanos snap. The Avengers will try their best to reverse the snap and save humanity. But How will they reverse the snap is still mystery. Time Travel ,Quantum Realm, Reality change have been the major theory.

The movie is expected to clock around three hours and two minutes. According to Russo Brothers, EndGame will have more spoilers compared to Avengers Infinity War. So make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible.

Avengers EndGame opens in theaters on April 26.

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