Avengers EndGame gets a new trailer along with tickets on sale

Avengers EndGame gets a new trailer along with tickets on sale

Marvel machine is having phenomenal record at the box office and connecting well with the audience. Captain Marvel is breaking records at the box office whereas fans EndGame is expected to create history. Marvel recently released a short trailer for Avengers EndGame stating tickets are on sale. Avengers EndGame deals with the after math of Avengers Infinity War where heroes will try to reverse the snap and save the universe.

The one minute long footage does not give away too many spoilers but gives audience enough to jump on the hype train. The footage confirms the return of Tony Stark and Nebula on earth. Another major thing the footage reveled was the reunion of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. The Avengers are still mourning on the decimation of half the universe. We also get a glimpse of Thanos interacting with the Marvel trinity.

The trailer also confirms that Captain Marvel will play a big role in Avengers EndGame. The highly anticipated Marvel is expected to be around three hours. The finale to Infinity saga is expected to action packed, heart breaking and emotional. Some fans are predicting EndGame to be the last movie for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

The footage of Avengers EndGame comes with tickets on sale. Make sure to grab the ticket and enjoy the emotional conclusion of story line that began with Iron Man on 2008.

Avengers EndGame opens in theaters on April 26.

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