‘Captain Marvel’ joining billion dollar is big statement to Hollywood

'Captain Marvel' Joins the Elite Billion Dollar Club

‘Captain Marvel’ has officially Joined the Elite Billion Dollar Club. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has crossed another huge milestone at the box office. The appetizer to Avengers EndGame has joined the phenomenal streak of Black Panther and Avengers EndGame. Captain Marvel is also the seventh female led movie to join the elite billion dollar club after Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and Rogue One. Currently Captain Marvel stands on 1.02 billion dollar. Captain Marvel has grossed 358.1 million on domestic box office and brought humongous 644.5 million on foreign market.

Captain Marvel is also the second Marvel movie to join the billion dollar club without Tony Stark after Black Panther. The movie was probably not the best marvel movie but the hype generated from Avengers Infinity War and EndGame dragged it to billion dollar club. The hate campaign for Brie Larson further boosted the box office of Captain Marvel. Feige saying Carol will play a big role in EndGame increased the excitement for the movie.

Captain Marvel passing a billion dollar club is not only a huge achievement for MCU but also for Hollywood. Studios were afraid of taking risk for female led movie. But the success of Wonder Women and Captain Marvel gave a strong statement to studios.

Currently Captain Marvel is the 38th highest grossing movie of all time. The movie has officially surpassed the humongous movie like The Jungle book, The Hobbit series, Wonder Women, Finding Nemo, Thor Ragnarok and many more. The movie will certainly pass The Dark Knight, Zootopia and Alice in Wonderland in upcoming days. The only question that remains is will it catch Aquaman and Civil War.

Captain Marvel success has provided a lots of hope for Birds of Prey and Black Widow movie. According to Feige Captain Marvel will lead the MCU after the retirement or death of Marvel trinity. The success of Captain Marvel has been a huge breather or Kevin.

Carol Danvers will reprise her role as Captain Marvel in Avengers EndGame. The success of Captain Marvel will provide a huge boost for Avengers EndGame box office. It will be interesting to see how big opening weekend will Avengers EndGame have. I think it breaks several records looking at the presale. I think the era of Cameroon might come to an end.

Avengers EndGame opens in theaters on April 26.

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