‘Avengers: EndGame’ will be darker, emotional and heart breaking

'Avengers: EndGame' will be darker, emotional and heart breaking

Avengers EndGame is just three weeks away from being released. The highly anticipated marvel movie is the conclusion to infinity saga. Avengers EndGame is expected to have high stakes and real death. The contract of Marvel trinity is expiring. Tony, Steve and Thor will probably sacrifice themselves to save the universe. The sequel to Avengers Infinity might be the darkest marvel movie with everlasting consequences.

The Avengers will try to figure out a way to reverse the snap and restore life in universe. The trailers have shown us a lost Hawkeye, dejected Steve Rogers, dying Tony Stark and angry Thor. Each Avengers have lost their close one. Hawkeye might have lost his family, Tony lost Peter Parker and Thor lost his brother, friends and his people. Everyone life is covered in dark cloud. The tone of Avengers EndGame will certainly differ from other Marvel movies. The reunion or Tony and Steve, Tony and Pepper is going to be emotional.

Captain America Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, Winter Soldier and Avengers Infinity War are the darker Marvel movies compared to other movies. Despite having some quick jokes and hilarious moments there are some dark moments that we cannot ignore. Personally seeing Tony and Steve battle in Civil war is the darkest and heartbreaking moment in Marvel movie.

The special look for Avengers EndGame finally gave us a look at the mad titan. Thanos was ready for battle. The final shot of Tony, Steve and Thor walking towards Thanos might be the last time we see these character in MCU. The stake in the movie is skyrocket.

Avengers EndGame has broken all the presale records at the box office. The high demand for tickets crashed big ticket selling website like Atom, Fandango and AMC. The movie is expected to open north of 250 million on its opening weekend. Avengers EndGame might be a serious threat to Avatar and Titanic’s box office. The only thing that can hurt Avengers EndGame box office is it’s three hour run time.

Avengers EndGame opens on theater on April 26.

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