Why positive review for Shazam could not bring audience in theaters?

Why positive review for Shazam could not bring audience in theaters?

After a rough start WB was finally able to rebuild DC cinematic universe. With the critical and commercial success of Wonder Women and Aquaman DC fans were hoping to see Shazam follow their footstep. Shazam was positively received from the audience and critics. People who got the chance to see the movie were very pleased with the movie. However Shazam opened with 53 million on its opening weekend. That’s not a bad opening weekend for a 90 million budget movie. But the positive reviews and strong buzz should have made the opening weekend number bigger. So what went wrong with the movie? Lets break it down.

The marketing campaign for Shazam was outstanding. The comic con audience were blown away by the trailers. The anticipation around this movie was skyrocket. The hype for Shazam started to slow down when it was so close to release date. Avengers EndGame took all the attention and dominated the social media and conversation. The advance ticket sale for Avengers EndGame went on sell on the same weekend. All the movie goers were fighting hard to get EndGame tickets. The movie might have been squeezed by Captain Marvel and EndGame.

Another thing that might have affected the movie was lack of diversity. The diversity might not have had a big impact but the impact was felt. 53 % of total audience were Caucasian, 17 % were Hispanic and 11 percent were African American. The character in Shazam were mostly Caucasian except for Darla. But the Darla character was underutilized in the movie.

Shazam looked weak on overseas box office. The movie brought 102 million in foreign market. The movie opened with 30.9 million on China in its opening weekend. The movie was the lowest opening DCEU movie in China. Aquaman opened with huge 93.6 million, B v S 55.7 million, Justice league 50.5 million and Wonder Women 37.6 million. The second biggest movie market is not fully invested in DCEU.

Another factor that affected Shazam box office might have been the tone of the movie. The movie was a lot of fun but the plot of the movie felt a little childish. The theater were filled with little kids. The movie was not striking with Adult audience. The third act of the movie was not praiseworthy.

Despite its average opening weekend, Shazam is a solid fun movie. The majority of audience are loving the movie. But Why did it open with low numbers? Share your though in the comment section.

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