Box office: Avengers EndGame earns record breaking 157 million

Box office: Avengers EndGame earns record breaking 153 million

Avengers EndGame has smashed box office record with phenomenal 156.7 million (including 60 million record preview). Now Avengers EndGame is the highest grossing movie in a single day. The movie broke the record of Star Wars The Force Awakens by more than 38 million. The Force Awakens brought 119 million in Friday whereas Infinity War brought 106.3 million. Avengers EndGame is expected to gross between 300 to 330 million by the end of Sunday which will make it the biggest opening weekend of all time.

Avengers EndGame is not only breaking records in domestic market but also worldwide. The finale to Infinity saga brought 107 million in china alone in a single day. If the box office trend continue, we might be looking for a 900 to 1 billion opening weekend worldwide. The previous record holder for biggest worldwide grosser is Avengers Infinity War which brought 640 million.

Avengers EndGame is the conclusion of story line that began with Iron Man in 2008. Robert Downey Jr kick started the cinematic universe. Kevin Feige has created a incredible roster of characters and movies. Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the new generation Star Wars. The MCU has been the part of my life any many more.

Avengers EndGame deals with the aftermath of thanos snap. Thanos snapped his finger and made half the population disappear. The Avengers are gathering the gang together to undo the snap and bring balance in the universe.

Avengers EndGame is the not only a great comic book movie but a lifetime experience. If you have not seen the movie, stay away from spoilers and get ready to join the emotional roller coaster ride.

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