Avengers EndGame opens with record breaking 358 million

Avengers EndGame opens with record breaking 358 million

Avengers EndGame exceeded every expectation and opened with humongous 358 million in opening weekend. Avengers EndGame opened with record breaking 60 million on Thursday preview, 156 million on Friday, 112 million on Saturday and 89 million on Sunday. Avengers EndGame is now the highest grossing movie in opening weekend beating Avengers Infinity war by nearly 100 million. The conclusion of infinity saga is expected to open between 1 billion to 1.1 billion worldwide.

Previous holder of biggest domestic opening weekend was Avengers Infinity War. The combination of entire Marvel Cinematic universe with huge 257 million dollar. The box office result of Avengers EndGame is not only shocking to industry expert but also Disney. The movie currently holds 96 % on rotten tomatoes and received A+ Score on Cinemascore. Avengers EndGame is touching the heart and soul of every MCU fan.

Avengers EndGame is expected to bring more than 1 billion at worldwide box office in its opening weekend. The number is humongous and most movies only dream of touching the magic number in their lifetime. Avengers EndGame will surely outperform Avengers Infinity War but we will have to wait and see if it breaks the record holder Avatar.

Avengers EndGame deals with the after math of Avengers Infinity War. The world is in chaos after Thanos snapped his finger and killed half of the population. The Avengers are regrouping together to figure out a way to reverse the snap and bring balance in the universe. Avengers EndGame is an emotional, funny and satisfying conclusion of infinity saga. I am hell excited to see what Marvel has in store for us in Phase 4 after watching Avengers EndGame.

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