‘Avengers: EndGame’ gives Tony Stark a perfect send off

'Avengers: EndGame' gives Tony Stark a perfect send off

Avengers EndGame is currently breaking records at the box office. The conclusion to infinity saga is one of the most ambitious, emotional and satisfying Marvel movies. The movie is the combination of what you expect and what you never expected. Avengers EndGame gave some characters perfect send off and gave new hopes to comic geeks. Going in to Avengers EndGame, i thought Steve Rogers will be the one to sacrifice himself and save the universe but i was damn wrong.

Spoilers for Avengers EndGame

Avengers EndGame deals with the after math of Thanos snap. The world is broken into fragile and people are figuring out to regroup themselves. Tony Stark has been the key part of Avengers since the beginning. EndGame began with Tony Stark stuck in space and feeling nauseous. He recorded his goodbye message to Pepper Pots before being saved by Carol Danvers. Tony looked very relieved after seeing Pepper alive. The conversation between Steve and Tony was phenomenal in the first act of the movie. Robert Downey Jr gave probably his best performance in Marvel movie.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in a cave. Kevin Feige and John Favreau took a huge risk casting Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. The huge success of Iron Man made RDJ a household name. Robert Downey Jr casting as Iron Man is probably the best casting in comic book movie or any movie. The genius, billionaire and playboy started the journey from being a rich douche bag to self sacrificing hero.

As expected Tony Stark was one of the main character of Avengers EndGame. Stark left Avengers and started his life as a family guy. Tony had a daughter who was very adorable. The chemistry between Morgan and Tony is out of this world. He wants to move on from saving the world to becoming a excellent father. But he could not rest. He wants to bring the dusted one back but does not want to lose what he has.

The Avengers pull off the time heist but in doing so they invite a huge problem. Thanos from 2014 returned to future to fulfill his destiny. Tony, Steve and Thor combining with other Avengers tried their best to defeat Thanos. Scarlet Witch came close to killing Thanos but could not do it. We all knew that there was only one possibility in which Thanos is defeated. Strange giving Tony sign saying it’s time to pull off one last possibility was the first sign that Tony is going to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Tony Stark grabs the Stone from Thanos and snaps his finger. After snapping his finger, his last line was “I am Iron Man.” The scene was not only emotional but perfectly satisfying. We see Tony sitting down. A part of me felt that Tony has nano tech he could fix himself. But i was completely wrong. Slowly we start to see Rhodey, Peter and Pepper saying goodbye to Tony. The parallel between Tony and Peter in Infinity War and EndGame was perfect. I love how Pepper didn’t break down before Tony died. She wants him to know that Morgan and her are going to be OK. After Tony died Pepper could not control herself. “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart” was perfect call back to previous Iron Man movie.

Iron Man took the iconic death from comics. Robert Downey Jr brought his best game in Avengers EndGame. My favorite moment from Avengers EndGame was the end part of the movie when Happy and Morgan are talking. Morgan wanting to have Sandwich was touch my heart the most. John Favreau’s reaction at her wanting Sandwich was perfect. Avengers EndGame gave Tony Stark a perfect send off and conclusion to his character.

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