Captain Marvel was perfectly used in ‘Avengers EndGame’

Captain Marvel was perfectly used in 'Avengers EndGame'

Avengers EndGame is currently breaking records at the box office. The finale to infinity saga brought 357 million on its opening weekend in United States and 1.2 billion worldwide. Russo brothers did a perfect job joggling the characters and giving them proper screen time. EndGame mainly focused on original six Avengers. Going into Avengers EndGame Fans were a little worried on how Carol will be used in the movie. But Russo Brothers gave Captain Marvel a perfect story in Avengers EndGame.

Some fans were worried about Carol Danvers being the one to kill the mad titan. Kevin Feige was time and again saying Captain Marvel will play a key role in Avengers EndGame and she is the strongest Avengers. But later Russo Brothers confirmed that Captain Marvel won’t be the one to kill thanos. I was little relieved because for the past 10 years Marvel built the story line around 6 Avengers and i wanted one of them to kill the mad titan.

Spoilers For Avengers EndGame

Going into Avengers EndGame we theorized the either Captain Marvel or Pepper Pots will rescue Tony from Space. Captain Marvel was the one to rescue Tony Stark from space and bring him home. Her stubborn nature and desired to Kill Thanos gave us indication of her characters development since 1990’s. Teaming up with Avengers Carol goes to Garden to get the stone and reverse the snap. Carol demonstrated her power against mad titan. Despite killing Thanos they could not reverse the snap because Thanos destroyed the stone.

After that we don’t see Carol till the end of the movie. Captain Marvel is trying to regroup and help creature from other planets. It makes perfect sense because the snap not only affected the world but whole universe. The movie wanted to focus on original Avengers so they had to give a perfect explanation.

Carol Danvers returns to earth during the final battle of the movie. Damn she gets a phenomenal entry. The Thanos ship starts shooting at the atmosphere. Captain Marvel came swinging fully on thanos and destroyed the ship completely. She was able to go toe to toe with mad titan. She nearly took the glove from Thanos but Thanos used the power stone to protect himself and infinity gauntlet. My favorite Carol Danvers scene in Avengers EndGame was when thanos headbutt her but she didn’t flinch.

Personally i thought Captain Marvel was perfectly used in Avengers EndGame. She gave Avengers assist when they needed her. However, after watching Avengers EndGame I felt that Captain Marvel should have been the one to snap the finger and kill thanos because Tony would have been still alive. (Just Kidding)

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