Who will lead the Avengers after ‘Avengers: EndGame’?

Who will lead the Avengers after 'Avengers: EndGame'?

The Avengers have been a pop culture to many people around the globe. The ground breaking success of Avengers EndGame proved that fans are hungry for more Marvel movies. Avengers EndGame broke the opening weekend record in United States bringing 357 million. The conclusion to infinity saga nor only broke records but millions of heart as well. Russo Brothers gave perfect ending to some our favorite characters. The MCU has to move forward without the heart and soul. The question that popped in my head right after watching Avengers EndGame is who will be the new leader?

Spoilers for Avengers EndGame

Avengers EndGame was full of emotion and satisfaction. From Captain America lifting mjolnir to Tony Stark recalling “I am Iron Man” were just some highlights. Going into Avengers EndGame fans predicted that either Tony or Steve will sacrifice themselves to safe the universe. Tony Stark made the ultimate sacrifice and save the world. “I love you 3000” is going to a cultural line moving forward. Steve Rogers also got the ending he deserve. He went back in time to live his life with Peggy Carter. The scene where Steve and Peggy are dancing is very exemplary and satisfying. The Marvel fans had to wave goodbye to this iconic characters from their life. It won’t be easy to move forward for Marvel without Tony and Steve but i am confident in Kevin that he will pull something magical.

Tony and Steve led the Avengers from the front until Avengers EndGame. But now someone should fill their spot. There are many possible candidates who could lead the Avengers but few of them only makes sense. Lets look at some of the characters who could lead Avengers moving forward.

Captain Marvel is another character who has been introduced in MCU as the most powerful character. Kevin Feige has repeatedly told Carol Danvers will lead the Avengers moving forward. However Captain Marvel does not have experienced leading a group of team. For most of the time Carol Danvers will be busy in outer space protecting other planets. Captain Marvel can provide Avengers a perfect boost like she did in Avengers EndGame but i don’t see how she will lead the Avengers.

Black Panther is a born leader. He is the king of wakanda who is a exceptional fighter as well. Black Panther might be the perfect candidates to lead the Avengers. However there is a slight complication. Black Panther has a country to protect. He cannot leave his country and go with Avengers on mission. He could also give Avengers assist when they need them with exceptional combat skills and Wakanda technology. I don’t see Black Panther leading the Avengers in Phase 4 and beyond.

Apart from Captain Marvel and Black Panther Doctor Strange and Peter Parker are other major contender to lead the Avengers after EndGame. I am a huge fan of both Cumberbatch and Tom. Both of them have given terrific performance and adapted the character. Doctor Strange introduced mystical world in the MCU. Doctor Strange is devoted to protect the world from mystical threats. He might be the perfect candidate to lead the Avengers but he is not established in MCU as a leader.

Peter Parker is not an experienced superhero. In the MCU Tony Stark was his mentor. Tony was guiding Peter to a good road and teaching him to adjust in the superhero world. From the beginning, Peter Parker wanted to be an Avenger. But he is to young and inexperienced to lead the Avengers.

I personally i have two characters in mid who could lead the Avengers beyond Avengers EndGame. Hawkeye and Wasp. Ronin was once the leader of Avengers in comics in major crossover. Hawkeye has been around MCU since the first Thor. He is the experienced among others and he knows how things move around in Avengers facility. If Jeremy Renner is not done with MCU then he might be the perfect candidate to lead the Avengers. However there are some rumors that Hawkeye will appear in Disney streaming service and train Kate Bishop to become the new Hawkeye.

Another major candidate to lead Avengers in Phase 4 and beyond. In the comics, Wasp was one of the founding member and leader of MCU. Hope Van Dyne was introduced in MCU in Ant Man and the Wasp. She has establish herself as a stubborn, witty and necessarily bad ass. Evangeline Lilly is perfectly cast as Wasp. I think she will be a perfect leader in the MCU after Avengers EndGame.

Thor is going on a journey with Guardian of the Galaxy. At the end of EndGame, Thor left Earth making Valkyrie the new king of Asgard. The future of Professor Hulk is uncertain. Marvel can make anyone leader beyond Avengers EndGame but i will never imagine anyone leading the team better than Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

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