Tony Stark and Peter Parker have a perfect relation in MCU

Tony Stark and Peter Parker have a perfect relation in MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe have been phenomenal in terms of quality of movies and box office. The biggest cinematic franchise is currently enjoying the record breaking success of Avengers EndGame. These movies have been successful because they rely on their characters and human emotions. The relationship between different characters have been the heart of MCU.

Steve and Bucky, Tony and Rhodey, Steve and Sam, Carol and Maris has been some examples. Among them particularly the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker has been excellent. The father-son duo has been in three four Marvel movie together.

Tony Stark has been the mentor of Peter Parker since Captain America Civil War. Stark recruited Peter Parker in his team to fight Captain America and his team. Tony modified his suit and made it even cooler. Stark feels responsible for the kid. The relationship between Tony and Parker elevates in Spider Man Homecoming.

Spider Man Homecoming marks the first Spider Man solo movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark is still mentoring Peter Parker and rescuing him when needed. Tony does not want Peter to get into any trouble and get himself killed. Stark does not want Peter to die and live his life full if guilt and pain. Stark takes Peter Suit to teach him a lesson but in the end he realized that he was wrong.

Peter always wanted to be an Avengers and save the world. The relationship between Peter and Tony in Avengers Infinity War is heartbreaking and beautiful. Peter Parker escaped from field trip to battle the intruders in New York. Tony does not want join him because he knows its a one way trip. But Peter wants to join their fight. Tony is not very thrilled with Peter joining him in space.

Tony Stark finally recruits Peter as Avengers. The battle in titan against Thanos does not go well with the Avengers. Tony Stark was nearly killed by Thanos. After battling Avengers in Wakanda, Thanos collects all six stones and snaps his finger. The snap decimates half the population and among them Peter Parker is one of them.

In the MCU Peter Parker was just 15 or 16 years old during the event of Avengers Infinity War. Before turning into dust Peter Parker last words were “Mr Stark I don’t feel so good. I don’t wanna go”. The line was devastating because of the relationship established in the previous movie. A father seeing his young kid die right in front of him and he could do nothing.

Tony Stark gets stuck in space with Nebula after the event of Avengers Infinity War before being rescued by Carol Danvers. After being rescued Tony is retired and wants to spend his life devoted to his family. The Avengers figure out the way to travel back in time and get the stone before Thanos but needed someone to create the device. Tony has settled himself with Pepper and Morgan (his new born kid).

Tony Stark does not want to participate in the plan because he is afraid of losing Morgan and a stable life. The only thing that drives Tony in creating the device is Peter Parker. He missed the kid very badly. Stark and other Avenger s travel back in time and collect the stones before Thanos. They reverse the snap and bring everyone back.

The snapped Avengers join the battle at the end of the movie. The reunion between Tony and Parker is emotional in EndGame as well. Parker explains everything what happened after Infinity War. Tony looks so relieved seeing Parker and hugs him. The battle continues between the Avengers and Thanos.

At the end of Avengers EndGame, Tony snaps his finger and kills the army of Thanos and Thanos. The snap destroyed his body and he is about to die. Parker and Tony share another emotional moment at the scene. Parker quote “Hey Mr Stark can you hear me? It’s Peter. We won Mr Stark. You did it sir. I am Sorry.” Parker is seeing his father figure die right in front of him. He is completely broken and lost. The whole theater was sobbing during the scene.

Peter Parker is mourning the death of Tony Stark in Spider Man Far From Home trailer.I don’t know how much Peter Parker will have the PTSD of Tony Stark death. I hope Tony Stark returns in MCU in the form of AI or other any form to confront Parker.

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