Age of Ultron Foreshadowed ‘Avengers: EndGame’ Ending

Age of Ultron Foreshadowed 'Avengers: EndGame' Ending

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been producing excellent movies through out the years. The 10 years journey has been phenomenal for comic book geeks and movie fans. Kevin Feige and people at Marvel have created an incredible story among various movies. Currently Avengers EndGame is breaking record at the box office. The final act of Avengers EndGame is comic book nerds wet dream.

The final act of Avengers EndGame was foreshadowed in Marvel’s second Avengers movie. Avengers Age of Ulton was not as well received as The first Avengers but the movie had some creative ester eggs and reference to future movies. Personally for me Avengers Age of Ultron gets better every re watch.

Avengers Age of Ultron foreshadowed Black Panther and Captain America Civil War. The tease of Wakanda and collision of ideas among Steve and Tony Stark gave us reference to future movies. The movie also had some reference to Avengers EndGame. The title of the fourth Avengers movie was referenced in mid act of the movie.

The first act of in Avengers Age of Ultron was the Avengers trying to retrieve Loki Scepter from Hydra base. Tony Stark was mind controlled by Scarlet Witch to show his biggest fear. The Avengers were defeated very badly and the army from the first Avengers return to earth. The scene might not have been effective in the scene but was a huge deal moving forward.

In the scene we see Captain America broken Shield. In the final act of Avengers EndGame we see Thanos wrecking Steve Rogers shield and breaking it. Another scene was Steve Rogers telling Tony that he could have save the Avengers. Tony Stark sacrifice himself to save the universe in the climax of Avengers EndGame.

In Avengers Age of Ultron Tony knew that Army of alien will come to earth. He wanted to create a suit of Armor around the world but his plan failed badly because of Ultron. Avengers EndGame is probably the most satisfying Marvel movies that pays off perfect. There are so many call backs to previous MCU movies in Avengers EndGame.

The final Act of Avengers EndGame is probably the greatest one hour in Comic book movie history. There are so many glorious moment like Captain America Wielding Mjolnir, A Force Team Up, Pepper Pots as Rescue, Avengers Assemble and Tony Stark iconic line “I am Iron Man.”

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