Why Avengers EndGame box office record will never be broken?

Why Avengers EndGame box office record will never be broken?

Avengers EndGame is currently breaking records at the box office. The finale to infinity saga has been a huge pop culture for current generation. The sequel to Avengers Infinity War is currently the second highest grossing movie of all time. Avengers EndGame deals with the after math of Thanos snap where Avengers are regrouping together to reverse the snap.

Avengers EndGame opened with record breaking 357.1 million on its opening weekend. The previous record holder was Avengers Infinity war which brought 257 million in its opening weekend. Going into Avengers EndGame industry expert were predicting the movie to open between 280 to 300 million. The 350 million was though to be impossible and out of possibility.

However When the movie opened, it brought 60 million on Thursday night preview and 97 million on Friday which was the biggest Thursday night preview and biggest Friday. After that rest is history. The movie opened with nearly 100 million more than Avengers Infinity War.

The 357 million opening weekend was not only shocking for industry analyst but also Disney. Disney were pretty cautious on the box office of Avengers EndGame and predicted 280+ to 310 million. The marvel fandom erupted because of the humongous success of the movie.

The record of Avengers EndGame might be broken in the near future but it will never be broken by nearly 100 million. There are not enough theaters to bring 400-450 million on opening weekend. The history made by Avengers EndGame is unimaginable. Being a huge MCU fan i was more than happy and shocked to hear the actual box office total.

Avengers EndGame brought 1.2 billion on its opening weekend worldwide. The movie broke Avengers Infinity War record by nearly 600 million. Yes, movies open in different countries in different date but the achievement of Avengers EndGame is remarkable. The movie is the fastest movie to join the billion dollar club in 5 days.

Avengers EndGame is the fastest movie to join the 2 billion dollar club. Avengers EndGame grossed more that 2 billion in just 11 days. The previous record holder was Avatar which took 47 days to join the 2 billion dollar club. I don’t know if any movie can join the 2 billion club in less that 11 days.

According to Box Office Mojo, Avengers EndGame has grossed 2.3 billion till now. Avengers EndGame is expected to gross 65-80 million in its third weekend. The summer movie season is about to kick stark. We have got John Wick 3, Aladdin, GodZilla waiting in line. Avengers EndGame has a chance to dethrone Avatar and become the highest grossing movie of all time. The movie deserves to be in the top spot because of the excellent pay off and cinematic build up.

Avengers EndGame is now the second biggest movie of all time beating James Cameron Titanic. Cameron went on to twitter and congratulated Marvel and Kevin Feige on the glorious success. Avengers EndGame created history at the box office and i don’t know if its record will ever be broken.

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