Will Detective Pikachu finally break Video Game movie curse?

Will Detective Pikachu finally break Video Game movie curse?

Many Studios have tried to replicate the success of video games in movies. But till now the audience are yet to experience a phenomenal video game movie. Assassin’s Creed, Warcraft, Tomb Raider and Rampage are some popular video game brand that turned out to be mediocre movies. Detective Pikachu is hoping to break the curse of video game movie streak.

Pokemon brand is probably one of the most popular video game brand in the world. Warner Brothers and Legendary Picture are hoping the movie to connect well with the audience and make some profit at the box office. Beside Pokemon brand, Ryan Reynolds is another big factor to bring audience in theaters. The Deadpool actor is currently on of the most popular actor in the world.

Detective Pikachu has mostly received positive review from critics and the audience. The movie currently holds 64 % on rotten tomatoes. Critics have praised the humor, visual effect and cuteness of characters but the story lack depths. Many regular movie goers could not connect with the movie. The movie is currently the best rated video game movie of all time. Detective Pikachu might get a boost from positive cinemascore.

Despite getting positive review from critics and audience, the movie will face a tremendous competition from Avengers EndGame and summer movie. Avengers EndGame is currently on its third weekend and is tracking for 65 to 80 million. Avengers EndGame will give tough competition in foreign Market as well. Apart from Avengers EndGame John Wick 3 hits theaters on May 17 and GodZilla King of Monster on May 31.

The Ryan Reynolds Starer grossed 5.7 million on Thursday night preview.
Detective Pikachu is tracking between 50 to 80 million in its opening weekend in domestic market. In China Detective Pikachu made 11.5 million in opening day and is tracking for 40+ opening weekend.

Considering the 150 million and marketing expenses, Detective Pikachu need 400+ million to break even. The crowded summer and dominance of Avengers EndGame might cause some problem for Detective Pikachu box office. Personally I don’t know if this movie is the one to break video game movie curse but its a damn sold movie.

Currently Angelina Jolie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is the highest grossing video game movie is united states followed by The Angry bird movie. Video Games movies have not been able to perform well at the domestic box office but have shined on international market. The 1998 Pokemon: The First movie grossed 85 million on its opening weekend.

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