Morgan and Happy scene in Avengers EndGame is tear-jerking

Morgan and Happy scene in Avengers EndGame is tear-jerking

Avengers EndGame may not be perfect movie but it is one of the most satisfying movie i have even seen in my entire life. The payoff in Avengers EndGame is beautiful and beyond that its enjoyable. Apart from being pleasant, there are so much emotional moments that punches you right through your guts. Among many emotional and great moments, the conversation between Morgan Stark and Happy Hogan in the end is probably my favorite moment in the movie.

Tony Stark loves American Cheeseburger. In the first Iron Man movie, we saw Tony Stark ordering American Cheeseburger after being rescued. In the end of Avengers EndGame we get a subtle moment of Morgan and Happy Hogan. Happy is asking Morgan whether she is hungry or not. Morgan said she is hungry and wanted a cheeseburger. If you look closely in John Favreau eye’s you will see the pain and sorrow. People who have watched MCU since the beginning you will feel someone punching right in your heart.

Tony Stark is my favorite Marvel character. Robert Downey jr have embodied the character and played it beautifully. Going into Avengers EndGame, I had predicted either Tony or Steve was going to sacrifice to save the universe. I knew if they Kill Tony Stark than it will be satisfying but i never wanted to him to die. But Part of the Journey is the end.

The moment when Doctor Strange raised his finger I knew Tony had to make the boldest decision of his life. He was willing to sacrifice himself to save the humanity and specially Morgan. The main reason why Tony got involved in Time Heist is because of Morgan. He wanted Morgan to be safe. Talking to Steve he said “I want to bring everyone back but he does not want to lose what he have.”

The relationship between Tony Stark and Morgan is the heart of the movie. Morgan is very adorable and their dynamic is unbelievable. Tony Stark want’s his daughter have a better life. He does not want to be next Howard Stark who didn’t have time for his child. Tony Stark saved everyone but he could not be there for his daughter.

The final scene of movie is Tony Stark as a hologram giving a final message to Morgan. “I love you 3000” is going to an iconic line in movie history. The look on Morgan eyes tells you the entire story. I loved the ending of Avengers EndGame where Tony is the one who sacrifice himself. But i could not stop thinking Tony does not deserve to die. He has a family to grow, a daughter to raise. The more I think about Tony’s death the more it causes pain in my heart. I feel a part of my life has gone missing.

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