The season Finale of Arrow and Flash are pretty emotional

The season Finale of Arrow and Flash are pretty emotional

Warner Brothers is keeping the DCEU cinematic universe and Arrowverse separate. The CW shows have been excellent despite several hit and miss seasons. Arrow started the cinematic universe of CW in 2012. The flash joined the party followed by Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The finale of both Arrow and Flash were pretty emotional and tear Jerking.

The latest season of both Arrow and Flash have had hit and miss. Some episodes have been phenomenal while some have been mediocre. However the season finale perfectly closed the chapters of both series. The season finale sets up a perfect story for future as well as Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Arrow started with a great start. The prison story line was brilliant and engaging. Stephen Amell did a awesome job portraying the character and bringing the emotion of the table. The series started to feel flat after prison story line. The story got kind of lost with introduction of Emiko and night circle.

The finale of Arrow was perfect. The season finale was emotional, heartbreaking and engaging. The relationship between Felicity and Oliver is just perfect. Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell brought perfect emotion in the scene. The only thing that didn’t work for me is the death of Emiko. I was not emotionally attached with her character and was not moved by her death.

We knew that Monitor will return in the season finale. In the finale of Elseworld crossover we assumed that Oliver made a deal with Monitor in order to protect Barry and Kara. But we din’t know it was going to be that big of a deal. The finale confirmed that Oliver Queen is going to die in the near future. Oliver Queen had to leave the house leaving his wife and little daughter alone.

I am excited for next season of Arrow more than anything. I don’t know how the story for Arrow will move forward. Oliver Queen have left the Star City and probably the earth with Monitor. Emily Bett confirmed that she is leaving Arrow after the finale.

The Flash also had a perfect season finale. Similar to Arrow, The Flash have had hit and miss along the road. Nora was an great additional to the cast. The main highlight of the season has been the relation between Barry, Nora and Iris. I am not a huge fan of Cicada character. As soon as Thawne joined the party things started getting interesting.

The writer did not do justice to Cicada character. The character had so much potential but the it felt flat at the end. The Reverse Flash steals the scene every time he shows up. Tom Cavanagh is probably the best actor in the show. The master mind Eobard Thawne was tricking Nora all the time. Barry and Nora have the same trust issues.

In the finale of The Flash we see Nora being erased from the current timeline. The scene between Nora, Barry and Iris was pretty tear jerking. Another shocking moment from the finale was Cisco taking the meta human care. However the major shocker was Barry being vanished in 2019 because of alternative timeline.

The finale 10 minutes of The Flash was similar to Avengers EndGame. Nora being disintegrated is similar to Tony Stark turning into dust after the snap with his loved ones. Another cool similarity with The Flash finale and Avengers EndGame is message being recorded by the disintegrated. In Avengers EndGame Tony stores a message for Morgan Stark whereas Nora stores the message for Barry and Iris.

Despite being hit and miss, Arrow and Flash delivered a perfect season finale. Arrow and Flash sets up a perfect story line for future and Crisis on Infinity Earth.

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