Will WB consider a sequel to Zachary Levi’s Shazam?

Will WB consider a sequel to Zachary Levi's Shazam?

Warner Brothers biggest box office properties are its DC characters. Batman, Superman and Wonder Women are their biggest and popular characters in the world. However, WB have not had huge luck using these characters. The DC cinematic universe have been mixed bags. Wonder Women, Shazam and Aquaman have been critically successful whereas others have received poor review from critics and audience.

However things have started to change for Warner Brothers. The gigantic box office success of Aquaman was a bright shine of light for WB. After Aquaman success, Shazam was expected to pick up right where Aquaman left. Shazam was very successful critically and is the second highest rated DCEU movies after Wonder Women. The box office result was good as well but not praiseworthy.

Shazam currently holds 90 % on rotten tomatoes. The movie was praised for its humor, performance of Zachary Levi and direction. The movie grossed 360 million worldwide making it the sixth highest grossing movie of 2019. There has already been a talk for a sequel but will WB seriously consider making a sequel for Zachery Levi’s Shazam?

If Warner Brothers even thinks of making the sequel it will only because the positive review from the audience. People at WB might be thinking lets give this character a second chance so that more people can join the fun ride with their friends and family.

The movie was some how commercially successful. The movie was made on moderate 90 million dollar and it grossed more than 350 million dollar at the box office. The movie would have performed better if it was released in another date. The movie was squeezed between Avengers EndGame and Captain Marvel. The hype of Avengers EndGame drowned Shazam commercially. Analyzing the box office it might seem that the movie definitely made profit but lets analyze the box office briefly.

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Apart from 90 million budget nearly 50-70 million was spent on marketing. The movie total budget was nearly 150 million dollar. In Average movie theaters earn fifty percent of total ticket price. So if the movie made 360 million dollar nearly 150 million dollar went to movie theater. That makes the movie profit to be 30-40 million.

The head of Warner Brothers might think if we spend 150 million in a movie and it only makes a profit 30-40 million profit than it might be good to make 4 movies that might perform better at the box office. There has been rumors of a sequel to Shazam but there is a huge if. Zachery Levi reveled in a interview that he is not certain on the future of Shazam however he is ready to play the character again. Personally I loved the movie and i would love to see a sequel.

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