Why Fans are both excited and Nervous for Marvel’s Phase 4?

Why Fans are both excited and Nervous for Marvel's Phase 4?

“Part of the Journey is the end.” The journey from Iron Man to Avengers EndGame has been exciting, satisfying and emotional. Marvel Studio have been a huge part many people’s life. The incredible roster Marvel created is just out of this world. . Avengers EndGame not only wrapped the infinity saga but bid farewell to heart and soul of the MCU. The journey of Marvel beyond Avengers EndGame is going to be both exciting and full of nervousness.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have the leader of MCU. Robert Downey Jr kick started the whole cinematic universe with Iron Man on 2008. After that, the rest is history. The Disney legend carried the weight of MCU on its soldier and moved along with it. Tony Stark who was not a A list comic character became a household name. The death of Tony Stark was devastating. I felt like I have lost my family member. The whole theater was sobbing during the emotional scene.

Steve Rogers have been a huge part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Winter Soldier took the character to a whole different level. He has been the soul of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers EndGame perfectly wrapped the story arc of Steve Rogers. He finally got the ending he deserved. Steve Rogers went back in time and lived happily with Peggy Carter. Personally I think Chris Evans is done as Captain America.

So with Captain America and Iron Man out of the picture the pillar of MCU looks a little bit weak. However the huge success of Captain Marvel and Black Panther might be a plus point for Kevin Feige and Disney. Out of 22 MCU movies 8 movies have joined the elite billion dollar club. Among those 8 movies, Tony Stark plays a key role in six movies. We must not ignore the box office boost provided by Robert Downey Jr.

Its always going to be difficult to move away from things we are familiar with. The audience need some time to adjust in the MCU without original six Avengers. The road is not going to be easy for Kevin Feige and people at Disney. Thanos is probably one of the greatest comic book movie villain of all time. As promised Thanos was a huge threat to the universe and every time he showed up i was afraid he might kill my favorite character. I don’t think we will ever see anything like infinity saga in MCU and any other studio.

However i am very excited what lies beyond Avengers EndGame. Spider Man Far From Home is going to give us a little taste of Phase 4 and what lies beyond that. The movie will introduce multiverse if Mysterio is not faking it. After Far From Home we will get a Black Widow movie which is reported to take place after Captain America Civil War. Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel is definitely getting a sequel. There has been rumors of Eternals and shang Chi movie as well. I am excited to get to know these unique characters. The excitement for Guardian of the Galaxy 3 increased after the ending of Avengers EndGame.

Apart from MCU properties, I am excited for X-Men and Fantastic Four. The 2015 Fantastic Four was pretty disappointing. Apart from Days of the Future Past and Logan, X-Men have not had bog of a success. There has been rumors of X-Men and Fantastic Four being introduced only after 2025. I don’t care when they do it but i would love to see a crossover between Avengers and X-Men. The Fans every right to be excited and nervous but i trust Kevin Feige fully and i am excited for what lies beyond Avengers EndGame.

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