Will Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Join the $2 Billion Club?

Will Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Join the $2 Billion Club?

Star Wars is probably the biggest brand of Disney in United States. Marvel Studio is giving a tough competition to Star Wars but still could not shake Force Awakens as the highest grossing movie of all time in domestic market. Avengers EndGame will come close but is highly unlikely to beat Force Awakens record. However for the past couple of Years Star Wars have had tough road. However The Rise of Skywalkers have shown a huge potential. The movie is going to be huge at the box office but can it join the elite two billion dollar club?

Star Wars The Force Awakens has a huge potential to join the two billion dollar club but there are some obstacles as well. The final installment to Skywalker saga will conclude the story line that began with The Force Awakens. The movie will conclude the story line of Rey, Finn and Luke Skywalker. The further reason to be hyped for The Rise of Skywalkers is the return of Sheev Palpatine.

Another Reason why The Rise of Skywalker is going to join the billion dollar club is because of it’s release date. The movie is releasing on December 20 which falls on Christmas Holiday season. Star Wars fans will have a good time with their family and friends because of holidays. The movie has no strong competition and if the movie is good than it will have good legs to perform well at the box office. The trailer for Rise of Skywalkers have been positively received which might give it a big boost to it’s box office. Another big factor might be the return of J.J Abraham.

However there are many reasons why Rise of Skywalkers might not join the two billion dollar club. The previous two movies made the fans divided. The Last Jedi was positively received by the critics but was not well received by the fans. The movie grossed 1.3 billion worldwide but was way below expected. Personally the movie story didn’t work for me. I liked the movie but was not blown away.

After The Last Jedi, Disney released a Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford. Fans never wanted a Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford. The movie received mixed review from the critics and bombed at the box office. Fans started signing petition to replace kathleen kennedy. The box office debacle of the movie was a huge blow for Disney.

Another big reason why the movie might not join the 2 billion dollar club is audience are not invested with the characters. Personally I am not invested in Finn, Rey and Poe like Skywalker, Leia and Han. Star Wars movie are not very popular in China which is the second biggest movie market in the world. Without China I think the movie will have a hard time joining the 2 billion dollar.

The Rise of Skywalker does not need 2 billion to be a smash hit. The story of the movie needs to be engaging and connect with the audience. If the movie connects well with the audience it might cross 1.5 billion dollar club but i don’t think the movie has the chance to join the 2 billion dollar club.

Can Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Join the 2 Billion Club?
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