Disney Live Action Aladdin could be the next venom

Disney Live Action Aladdin could be the next venom

The dominance of Disney in Hollywood is not a new thing. Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Live action have been the major box office bringer for Disney. The live Action movies of Disney are considered a masterpiece. Aladdin is a very popular Disney Character. The 1992 classic received positive review and grossed more than 500 million. The classic is getting remake and fans are both excited and nervous.

Aladdin opened in theaters on May 24. The movie received mixed review from the critics and currently holds 57 percent on rotten tomatoes. Critics have praised the performance of Naomi Scott and Will Smith along with musical number and its scope. However the main complain of the film as been Kenzari’s performance as Jafar and CGI effects. The movie is expected to gross between 65-80 million, however some industry expert are predicting the movie might hit the 100 million mark.

Disney’s Live action Aladdin could face a similar situation as Sony’s venom. Venom received mixed review from critics but was loved by the audience. The movie grossed 855 million worldwide. Venom had a huge boost from china whereas Aladdin is expected to get a huge boost from domestic market. Aladdin might not be a box office juggernaut like Venom but will make some impact at the box office.

Another bog boost for Aladdin might be the star power of Will Smith. The actor has a strong fan base and will draw some audience. Disney has one of the best marketing team in the world but failed to capitalize on the Aladdin. According to reports, Disney were very confident on Aladdin but the response to trailer and underwhelming marketing campaign let their confidence down.

Whatever the box office result comes, Aladdin is getting positive review from the audience. The movie looks fantastic and rich in production. We just have to wait couple of days to find out the actual opening weekend numbers.

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