Why Marvel has been very successful in Hollywood?

Why Marvel has been very successful in Hollywood?

Marvel Cinematic Universe is bigger than ever. The Disney property has been blowing box office record one after another. The cinematic universe started with a bang with the release of Iron Man in 2008. Since then Kevin Feige and people at Marvel have created an exceptional story line interconnecting various movies. Avengers EndGame is breaking several records at the box office. EndGame wrapped up the story line that began with Iron Man. The second highest grossing movie of all time concluded the arc of Captain America and Iron Man.

The first movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe was Iron Man. The studio took a huge risk casting Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. The reputation of RDJ was very bad at that time but John Favreau wanted RDJ to play Tony Stark. The rest is history. The movie went on to make more than 580 million dollar at the box office and was critically praised. The movie made Tony Stark a household name. The heart of the MCU has been carrying the entire franchise in his shoulder before resting. Many Studios have tried building a cinematic universe but few of them have only succeeded. There are so many lessons that Studios can learn from the success of MCU.

Marvel Studio have been very consistent with their character development. Tony Stark was first introduced in MCU as a rich arrogant boy who manufactured weapons. After realizing his weapons was doing more destruction, he shut it down. After that, he created Iron Man suit and started helping people. Looking back, Tony Stark was ready to die in every Avengers movie. Tony Stark reunited family members, friends and loved ones but died saving the universe leaving his family alone. Captain America shared a similar journey. He started as a order following soldier and ended up as someone who went against the law. He was the guy who could have sacrificed himself to save everyone one but ended up making a selfish decision. Steve went back in time and leaved his life with Peggy Carter. The character development have been the major weapon of MCU success.

Lets get back to Iron Man once again. Marvel hired John Favreau to direct the movie. Favreau was not a huge A list director but was rather knows as an actor. Feige had his eye on Favreau and trusted him. Favreau won Feige trust and stepped up. MCU has never cast a huge A list director. Feige trust his guts and directors vision rather than their history. Russo Brothers were not popular before joining the MCU. The main reason Feige hired Russo brothers was because they were comic book movie fans. Same thing with taika waititi, James Gunn and Peyton Reed. Feige Knows who is the best candidate and his/her potential.

Another main reason for MCU success has been Sarah Finn. Many of you might not know who she is. She is the casting director of MCU movies. Finn has done an exceptional job casting right actor in the right role. She should be given a lot more credit. Kevin Feige is the lord of MCU. He has been the sole producer of every MCU movies and is the genius behind MCU. The main reason other Studio have not had success in cinematic universe is because they lack genius like Kevin.

MCU have achieved a lot in movie business. MCU have made over 21 billion dollar at the box office with 22 movies. That’s nearly 1 billion each movies. The MCU will grow more and more because of FOX acquisition. I am excited and nervous for Phase 4 of MCU. Congratulation MCU for the wonder success and hope marvel continues to impress us with their upcoming movies.

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