Why Wanda Maximoff might be the strongest Avenger?

Why Wanda Maximoff might be the strongest Avenger?

Avengers EndGame concluded the story arc that began with the release of Iron Man in 2008. The finale to infinity saga brought all the MCU characters back to defeat the mad titan. There are so many powerful characters in the MCU whose power is limitless. Recently Captain Marvel was introduced in the MCU and she was freaking powerful. Kevin Feige has time and again mentioned that Carol Danvers is the strongest Avenger. But Thor, Doctor Strange, and Hulk are up there as well. However, based on Avengers Infinity War and Avengers EndGame I feel Wanda Maximoff might be the strongest Avenger.

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Wanda Maximoff was first introduced in MCU in the post-credit scene on Winter Soldier along with her brother Quicksilver. She played a key role in the Avengers Age of Ultron to move the story forward. Fans got a little taste of her power in the movie. But she lacked experience and had no idea of her’s full potential. She was able to mind control Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow. Apart from that, she was able to stop a bullet train running at a full speed. Wanda Maximoff was able to destroy Ultron’s heart and stop him for good.

Wanda Maximoff was a major plot device in Captain America Civil War. She was one of the reasons behind Captain America and Iron Man fallout. She was a vital member of Team Captain America. Wanda showed her power sample against vision in the Avengers compound. Wanda played a key role in saving team Cap ass and stopping Tony.

Elizabeth Olsen has played the character perfectly and made fans fall in love with her. In Avengers Infinity War, Wanda Maximoff showed her true power and destructive capability. Olsen not sold on her power level but also emotionally. The first battle between Wanda and Vision with Proxima Midnight and Corvis Glave was gold. Wanda Maximoff fight with Thanos at the end of the movie was just breathtaking. Wanda was destroying the mind stone and stopping Thanos. Thanos had five infinity stone and still, Wanda was keeping him away from Vision. Maximoff destroyed the mind stone but Thanos was able to reverse it because of time stone.

Avengers EndGame was not only satisfying but also emotional. Avengers EndGame focused on original Avengers but gave some others few moment to shine. Wanda Maximoff faced Thanos once again. Wanda finally had her moment with Thanos. She was so pissed off she nearly killed Thanos. But Thanos rain fired which stopped Wanda from killing him.

Captain Marvel, Thor Odinson, Doctor Strange and Hulk are very powerful characters introduced in the MCU. But personally I think Wanda Maximoff might be the strongest Avengers.

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