X-Men Dark Phoenix closes the X-Men saga for good

X-Men Dark Phoenix closes the X-Men saga for good

X-Men series was the pioneer for comic book movies back in days. Those movies paved the path for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU and Dark Knight trilogy took a huge turn and became the biggest movies and cinematic universe however X-Men franchise had a bumpy road. There were few phenomenal movies like Days of the Future Past and Logan but others were not that successful. Dark Phoenix will end the chapter of the Fox X-Men franchise. With Disney acquiring Fox, Kevin Feige will get his hand on X-Men character and we all hope he does justice.

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X-Men Dark Phoenix received mixed or negative review from the critics. The movie currently holds 17 percent on rotten tomato. The only cheering moment in Dark Phoenix is Sophie Turner. I know she does not get a lot of appreciation in Game of Thrones but she is magnificent in the movie. Turner makes the movie watchable along with Hans Zimmer magnificent score. The movie has some great moments including the train sequence and first act. However, the movie has some very huge problems with the script. I love James McAvoy as Professor X but the movie does not do justice to his character. The movie is just okay and if you have nothing to watch this week you might wanna check it. I am just glad Feige will get his hand on this character.

Cyclopes and Storms are the best X-Men characters. But the movie does not give them some moments to shine and use their potential. Apart from them, Jessica Chastain character was horribly written. She is a fantastic actress but damn Simon Kinberg did not know how to use her. I am glad Marvel is rebooting the franchise and I would love to see X-Men back on track. We might not get X-Men to introduce in MCU sooner but I know Kevin Feige already has plans.

X-Men Dark Phoenix is expected to open between 45-55 million dollars at its opening weekend. The movie might not take the first spot at the box office and I would not be shocked if the movie loses money. The last X-Men movie made over 540 million dollars worldwide. I am not sure Dark Phoenix will catch that number. Currently, the highest-grossing X-Men movie is Ryan Reynolds Deadpool followed by Deadpool 2. The movie grossed 783 million dollars worldwide.

Previously, X-Men Origin: Wolverine had the lowest opening weekend. making 53.1 million on its opening weekend. Dark Phoenix might open slightly less than X-Men origin. I hope the movie performs well at the box office and concludes the X-Men franchise in a good way.

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