Dark Phoenix Failure is another huge debacle for Jennifer Lawrence

Dark Phoenix Failure is another huge debacle for Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of the best young actress working in Hollywood. The Hunger Games actress has been brilliant in the box office as well as award season. However, things have not gone her way since the past couple of years. Dark Phoenix is another box office and a critical debacle at the box office for her. It’s very sad to see one of the most talented actress going down the phase of the debacle.

Let’s talk about the Dark Phoenix box office number before jumping into Jennifer Lawrence. Dark Phoenix currently holds 22 percent on Rotten tomato. The movie received negative reviews from critics, who described the plot to be boring along with character development and action sequence. However, Micheal Fassbender, Sophie Turner, and James McAvoy performance were praised. The movie is the worst-reviewed installment in the franchise. Jennifer Lawrence was barely in the movie and way underutilized.

Lets Jump back to Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence started her career with a minor role in the television film Company Town back in 2006. Since then she starred in multiple movies with smaller roles. Her big breakthrough came in 2010 with Winter’s Bone. The movie received rave reviews from the critics, especially praising Jennifer Lawrence performance. The movie got her first academy award nomination for best actress. She was the second youngest person to be nominated in the category. After the success of Winter’s Bone Lawrence stared in some of the big blockbuster movies and some critically acclaimed movies.

Matthew Vaughn saw a sparkle on Jennifer Lawrence and cast her on X-Men first class to play Mystic. Vaughn was confident Lawrence would be able to pull off the character’s depth and weakness. Fox Studio was very pleased to get a talented actress on board but later Lawrence wanted to be out of the franchise. After the success of First Class, Lawrence was cast to play Katniss Everdeen on Hunger Games series. The movies performed phenomenal at the box office and took Jennifer Lawrence career to next level. In 2012, Lawrence played a young depressed Widow in Silver Linings Playbook along with Bradley Cooper. The movie gave her an academy award for the best actress and was the second youngest actor to win the award.

Lawrence career elevated with the success of America Hustle, X-Men Days of the Future Past and Joy. American Hustle and Joy gave Lawrence her third and fourth academy award nomination respectively. She became the youngest actress to get four academy award nominations. However, things started to go downhill for Jennifer Lawrence and her career.

X-Men Apocalypse was a major disappointment for Fox Studio, X-Men saga, and Jennifer Lawrence. The movie received mixed reviews from critics underperformed at the box office. After that, she starred in a Space adventure movie Passenger with Chris Pratt. She was paid 20 million dollars to play the role. The movie received mixed reviews from the critics but Lawrence defended the movie.

After that, she stared in Darren Aronofsky physiological horror film Mother!. I see why Jennifer Lawrence choose to do the movie. The movie was directed by Darren Aronofsky (who directed Black Swan). The additional cast Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristen Wiig, and Ed Harris. Why would an actress not want to work with these talented individuals? Mother! received negative reviews from critics and audience and tanked at the box office. However, Lawrence was magnificent in the movie.

After the debacle of Mother!, she played Russian Spy in Red Sparrow based on Jason Mattews novel. The movie also received mixed reviews from the audience but Lawrence performance was praised. As of 2019, Jennifer Lawrence movie has grossed 5.7 billion dollars. The box office number is massive but lately, she has not been able to pull big numbers at the box office. She has not been choosing the script carefully. She is facing a similar situation as Matthew McConaughey. Personally, I am a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. I would love to see her back on track.

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